Change is Good

A post copied directly from our daughters' blog:

It took us a long time to come up with and agree opon our second daughter's name. Olivia was just a name we liked and Meredith is a combination of her grandmothers' names - Mary and Edith. Perfect, right?

Well shortly after we brought her home from the hospital, we started having second thoughts about "Olivia". She just didn't seem to fit that name and we quickly realized that she was much more of a Meredith than an Olivia. But we didn't make the change then, for some weird reason. We kept calling her Olivia.

Now that we have moved 300+ miles away from where she was born and have a whole new set of people in our lives, we have decided it was the ideal time to switch. (Also, a friend of mine helped me realize this was the ideal time and I'm grateful for her insight!) Olivia is now going by Meredith. So just know, when we refer to Meredith, it's our darling second daughter, just going by her middle name. I am having a tough time transitioning but it does fit her better.

We have had some opposition and some support from family and surprisingly a lot of friend support but that's what we have decided to do. Any one who wants to call her Olivia can, I suppose, but it's going to be coming out of our mouths less and less.

Since we started the transition last week, she now answers to her new name. Also, Gwenna has said it a couple times. This is amazing since she never said "Olivia" without prompting and even then could not pronounce it after almost 8 months of having her around. So even though I have had a tough time making the switch now and then since my default has been Olivia for the past 8+ months, we're going with Meredith.

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Jewel said...

That's so neat!! I know how hard it is to find a name that fits sometimes.
Random fact: in the Chinese culture, they don't even name their baby until the baby's first birthday. So you're ahead of schedule. :)
I'm excited to see/hear more about your new house!!