This is where we'll be when we're not here anymore

Click this picture to enlarge and see the lovely details
I have provided for your viewing pleasure.

I typed a whole nice, long post and then Gwenna pulled the computer off my lap. It crashed down on my shin, cutting and bruising my pale skin.

Lesson to be learned: don't blog when the kids are awake. I used to know this lesson better and that's why I haven't blogged in so long. There are just so many other things to do when the girls are asleep. Like dishes, watching "Bones" on Netflix, getting "Wonder Pets" songs out of my head... you know, important things like that.

Above is a flood plan that Ted and I spent an exorbitant amount of time putting together last night. It's the house we'll be moving into soon enough. Can't say (at this exact moment) when "soon enough" will be since we're currently determining that.

Rest assured, we love the house we'll be living in the next two years. It's perfect for our family for this stage in our life. It's over 500 square feet larger than our current home, has a fenced back yard almost as large as the comfortable inside, and we have great neighbors. We're thrilled.

Now if you'll excuse me, the 9 boxes I've packed today are longing for company.


Heather said...

:O <----------- That is me with my mouth open.

I am so jealous. That house/floorplan looks sooo nice! Where exactly will you guys be? Are you buying or renting? Why can't I move to Thatcher, too? So many questions!

kelly said...

Heather, we will be in Safford, on 4th street. We will be renting while Callie and Randon rent our house. Later on, after Ted is done with school and know more about where we will be, we'll sell our house and buy something somewhere else... wherever that may be. ... You CAN move to Thatcher. It's your choice... ;)

Amy said...

Ah, isn't nice to not only know where Ted's going to school, but also EXACTLY where you are going to live and know the people you are renting your house to? Awesome.

mary watts said...

I must say you have done a much better job with this floorplan than I ever did...whether it was on the back of a school paper or a napkin. Good job!