I have learned so much in the past 2 days.

Monday is when I found out we would be moving the following Tuesday.

Monday is the day I packed the second box.

Monday is the day I packed a total of 17 boxes. 9 in the course of 8 hours, the rest when Ted took the girls on a 45 minute walk.

Monday is the day I realized it is impossible to pack your house with 2 children under 2 years old.

Monday is the day I decided there would be no more grocery shopping. The perishable food in the refrigerator and freezer would be determining my menu and the remainder would go to my deserving brother.

Monday is the day my perishables begged me to make chicken parmesan. So I did.

Monday is the day I forgot to shower and brush my teeth until late in the day. The shower never happened though.

Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I shopped with my husband and daughters for things we wouldn't be able to buy in our new place. A trip to Sam's club was in order.

Tuesday is the day we let Gwenna run around Sam's club as if it were her personal playground. And she went wild, in a sweet, happy, girly kind of way.

Tuesday is the day I ran after the fastest almost-2-year-old in the world, in my tread-less flip flops, in Sam's Club, and fell flat on my butt.

Tuesday is the first day I vacated my home of children to be able to pack, with my husband.

Tuesday is the day we filled our first dumping zone half way. The downstairs bathroom was packed , stripped bare and the contents poured into boxes that will bewilder my when I unpack them. The downstairs dumping zone (box collection area) is the bathroom and the upstairs is our bedroom.

Tuesday was the day my cupboard forced me into making turkey chili and cornbread.

Tuesday is the day that saw more upwards of 6 large boxes filled with food storage closet contents. The day Ted took down the shelves he built to house said cans. The day the same drill that took down the shelves in the closet also took down the shelves in Gwenna's room. The shelves we painted white to contrast with the green paint. ... The day the homemade antique birdy decals came off the wall.

Tuesday is the day I learned that my down comforter - summer temperatures or not - can envelope my body in such a way as to muffle the sounds in my house and my neighborhood and help me to imagine that pieces of my life in Flagstaff, my whole married life and time as a mother, are not suffocating in boxes opposite my bed.

And Wednesday. Wednesday is the day I wrote this post, before dropping my children off for sitting for the second day in a row. And it's the day I wasn't planning on feeling sad by writing a blog post about the things I've learned. Things I've learned from packing up my house to move to a place a love.


Amy said...

Good luck with the packing! I'll be in your shoes before long...

Heather said...

Oh packing. So hard with littles but even harder for you when you have a busy 2 year old. Good luck packing up your life Kelly and then the glorious unpacking.

Jewel said...

Moving is SO bittersweet. Even when you're excited for where you're going, it's still hard.
But Thatcher awaits! :)

Janina Jones said...

Good luck with everything Kelly. We will miss you.