As of late.

I should really be taking a nap.

Both my beautiful children are sleep. Three loads of laundry are in various stages of returning to their homes in a state of cleanliness. Dishes have been done. Babies have been bathed and clothed and fed and entertained. And quite frankly, I'm pooped.
But I haven't blogged in a while and I want to catch up.

Except, I don't really know what to say! ... How did this happen??
I guess I can start out by suggesting your click here. That is an update of our girls, how they are growing and what they are doing these days. They're so good, these little girls of ours. We love 'em a lot.

Ted has mostly fully totally recovered from surgery. I say it like that because he's still on a steady flow of ibuprofen but he is functioning, back at work, back to being an awesome dad and husband ... not that he wasn't while he was recovering from his tonsillectomy, but he wasn't really doing much of anything while recovering other than sleeping, popping pills, and drinking a lot of ice water. That explains the 13 lbs. he lost. Currently and continuously Ted is aspiring to more wood working projects. He made this tiny picnic table for the girls prior to his surgery (below). They love it a lot.

I have spent a lot of time and brain power planning out our next 7 weeks. That's how much longer we will live in Flagstaff. I want to make sure we get to do everything we wanted to do. I have lived here 5 years and I want to leave knowing I sucked the very life out of Flagstaff. So this week we went to the Deer Farm. It was awesome. I wanted to live there and take care of those wonderful animals regularly. They were calm and kind, lovable and easy to approach. Our girls had a blast. Olivia especially enjoyed the goats. ...

But Olivia is a lot like her mama was as a small child; she loves all animals (and most people). Otherwise, I've just been rebounding from being a sort of single parent. Our house is coming back into order at a week and a half of neglect. Ted and I are teaching primary again. After I was released from the primary presidency several weeks back, Ted and I were asked to teach the 8 year olds until we move. We have a good class and it's a lot of fun to teach with Ted.

So that's about all we're doing now. Just living live, being a happy family.

Let me know if you have any uniquely Flagstaff suggestions. We will be camping at Lake Mary in 2 weeks so we will be able to mark that off the list (and have a ton of fun in the process!) Time is doing this crazy thing right now where it's taking forever to pass while it zooms on by at the speed of light. Some days I need it to go fast, some days slow so I guess this is an appropriate compromise.


Amy said...

You took over our post as the CTR 8 teacher!!! Awesome! I agree, teaching with your spouse is totally awesome and I'm sure Olivia enjoys it too. I will be REALLY sad when Wes and I move and are not in primary. We've been in Primary together our whole married life.

Heather said...

Beautiful picture! So glad to hear that Ted is on the mend.

Heather said...

That family picture is too cute! Love Gwenna's litle curly pigtails. Enjoy your camping trip-you are so much braver than I, camping with a baby (ies)!