It Came, We Saw, He Conquored.

That's what I wanted to title this post had we found out about Ted's admission into EA's nursing program via the USPS. But alas, we did not. We found out in an email.

We were on a two-a-day calling schedule with the nursing secretary. Finally Ted gave up the ghost with that schedule and emailed her. "If you are able, when you are able, can you just shoot me an email to let me know if I got in or not?"

See, it was April 29 and NAU's program begins May 10. If Ted was cornered into that option, he had to quit his job. And the job people, they like notice. It made the waiting ten times worse.

And then we got an email on the very same day we let go of our hounding tactics. Kind of makes you wonder if we'd have found out earlier had we relinquished our worries sooner. But it's questions like that which will make you dizzy enough to puke on your Steves.

So, that's the verdict. We're in. HOORAY!! We're headed back to the beautiful Gila Valley with it's cotton and amazing bread sticks. I say "headed back" but I'm the only one who has lived there. So I am headed back to a place that feels like home when I arrive.

It's decisions, decisions now. We're renting out our house. We have to find a house to rent, ourselves. We're going to stay in Flagstaff through the summer and put as much money away into savings as we can. I think that's a wise decision. I just need to remember that the surplus money needs to actually go into savings and not to pay for cute things I like. But I just said it, so that will help. Right?

I thought, once we hit this point, I would feel anxious and want to leave as soon as possible. I thought being here in Flagstaff would become unbearable. But it isn't. I've somehow been blessed with a feeling (however temporary it may be) of contentment. We're looking for all the key Flagstaff things we haven't done yet to make sure we experience this place we've lived in for 5 years to it's fullest.

Once we leave here, as I've posted previously in one way or another, this home will be more significant for us than any other home we'll live in. At least that's my estimate. This is where we brought both our babies home. Gwenna crawled and walked here. Olivia will have crawled here at the very least, as I expect that in the next month, month and a half easily.

It's good, friends. We're enjoying now will still looking forward to later. It's a fine balance that we're living with joy and gratitude.


Heather said...

Your fb message prompted me to check the blog.


I am so happy for you guys. And maybe a bit jealous. In fact, my jealousy is growing as I type. But this means that our fate as real-life friends is sealed! Although I can't get home as often as I'd like or I used to be able to, I will definitely be there at least once after you move. Then I shall cuddle and coo your girls, be dazzled by your thoughtful husband, and be thoroughly entertained by your clever wit.

It is a happy day.

Heather said...

I meant once THIS YEAR after you move. Of course I'll be there more than once while you live there.

Lindsey said...

Hooray for Gila Valley!!! I am excited to see how different the experience is as a wife and mother of 2. I am sure it will be great!

The Youngs said...

Yay! I'm so happy for u! I miss the Gila Valley too :)

The Browns said...

You know my feelings! I'm so happy for you, a little jealous, and very sad that you're leaving! [=[ Here's my happy sad face one more time! Congrats!!

Casey said...

Wonderful news!! Congrats, Ted. I assure you that you will miss Flagstaff once you leave, but hooray for new adventures!

Heather said...

Oh Kelly, I hear you on leaving the house where all of life's big moments thus far have occured and you seem to be handling things beautifully. We are moved in at our new abode and yet still, 2ish months from starting med school we occasionally have moments of doubt and insecurity. I wish you well on your savings endeavors; that is I think our primary concern, a little something called an INCOME! Or the lack thereof...

Best of luck to both of us in this new and exciting-scary journey.