Excited again

I have been meal planning about 4 days at a time. It's easier for me to plan in smaller chunks because then I can make smaller trips to the store, even if it's a little more frequent. I can also plan my shopping trips around Ted's random days off.

For the first time in a while I am excited about the upcoming menu. Here's what we're looking at.

Thursday: Gnocchi with peas, strawberry spinach salad
Friday: Meatloaf muffins and string beans (for Gwenna, since we have a date, and the leftovers for our lunch on Saturday)
Saturday: Teriyaki lettuce wraps with sauteed vegetables
Sunday:Pork medallions and red potato salad
Monday: Tuna noodle casserole - not exciting per se, but fun nonetheless.

I needed a fun week of food. Then back to the store on Tuesday. Ted will have his tonsils out a week from Friday so after that I have no idea what we're going to do for a little while. Waiting on our list of approved foods.


Amy said...

I have noticed that if I plan, we eat well at home. If I don't plan, we don't eat well and I have strong urges to go out to eat. Not good when are a poor college family.

I've going to magically transport myself to your house on Saturday so I can partake in your teriyaki lettuce wrap goodness. (insert drool here)

Niki said...

Do you still have the food/stuff blog? I'd love the recipe for teriyaki lettuce wraps!

Casey said...

Once again I am reminded that I miss your cooking. And you, of course :)

Jewel said...

Mmmmm....our menu never looks that good. Can I come over?