what irks me

Recently, while at the gym (quick gasp, then move on), I saw a television commercial for a local car dealership. It was providing information about some sort of recent graduate program. They were offering some deal or another for 2010 graduates or anyone who has graduated in the past several years. It gave the qualifications on the screen in large print and then said if you meet these qualifications:

"Your Approved!"

What? What?!

Apparently they support those who choose to gain some degree of higher education but can't be bothered with education themselves, let alone employ any one who has.

That irks me.


Niki said...

GRRR!!! I taught the "there, their and they're" lesson today... No fun, but necessary!

The Browns said...

LOL! That's awesome!

Heather said...

Your awesome!

Ha! Just kidding. You're awesome!

Amy said...

Hooray for the gym!

I need to exercise more. I even find it difficult to get in a 10 min ab workout most days!

Heather said...

Pretty much all of my pet peeves are word related - the your/you're thing being one of them.