Things I Would Miss

If we ever do move away from Flagstaff (which is kind of inevitable, eventually, at one time or another) there are a lot of things I will miss, too many to number. But here are some of the front runners.

This is where this happened (Olivia's birth).

Not to mention where I first looked like this (with Gwenna in my belly).

And every year we can do this.

We regularly have this view on walks and this particular view on Gwenna's first encounter with the outdoors.

Hikes like this beauty are just a 30 minute drive away.

And even thought it's Arizona, we find a lot of water around to enjoy.

On the gray and grumpy days, I still love my surroundings.

Of course this is where this happened (my NAU graduation).

And where this happened (Ted's NAU graduation).

I will never forget the first time I came home to find our first born doing this.

I still miss that dog. Regularly.

We bought our first home and put a lot of elbow grease and care into it.

... And while doing so, made some of my fondest memories with some of our greatest, lifelong friends.

So while I regularly run through lists of things I look forward to about living somewhere else, the thought of ever doing so is so very bittersweet. I love Flagstaff and more than that, I have loved the past 5 years I have spent here.


Amy said...

Flagstaff is a pretty awesome place to live. I miss the readily available woods and trees. Ah, good memories.

Amy said...

And I miss all the people I met and made friends with.

Janina Jones said...

Which lake is that (the fourth picture down)? It's breath taking. I want to go there.

Ted said...

I would miss all those things too. Thanks Kelly!

Janina, the 4th picture down was taken at the "Country Club Ponds." I have no idea what they are really called. directions are from Country club and 66 head south until you get to the driving range on your left. Hang a left before the fancy wyndham condos on Old Walnut Canyon Rd. follow that until it turns dirt and you're there! (probably about 1/3 mile)


Anonymous said...

Love the new Header!

Thank you for being such a creative and awesome lady!