Sometimes I Do This.

Dear UT Heather,

To Ted there are two Heathers who comment on my blog - UT Heather (you) and HS Heather (not you, but you know who you are).


Dear UT Heather,

When my family moves to the Gila Valley ...

Ok, so we STILL haven't heard back from EA.


Try again. Redirect.

Dear UT Heather,

I enjoyed your recent post on cows and wacky church people and the like. As in, really enjoyed. Laughs and gasps. ... But not enough to get my cursor out of Google Reader and comment. I'm sorry. I have two babies, though, you know.

Speaking of those two babies, when my family moves to the Gila Valley (because I believe it will happen), and you are there for a holiday or some various family event, will you come see me? I want you to meet my daughters because I think you would like them. Also, we should have been friends more than just knowing who the other one was when we lived in the same place. Hindsight, right?

This is a standing invitation as you pass through Flagstaff as well, in case we stay in Flagstaff and in case you pass through.


Glad I got that out.


Ted said...


This is Ted. Will you say if you are from UT or from HS when you comment?

I think then, maybe I will be able to tell who's who when ya'll comment!

Thank you,

kelly said...

Oh Ted, you don't really care that much. Only when I read the comments do I have to say UT or HS Heather.

Heather said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I don't think anything else could have made me feel more special today! Seriously, dude.

(Ted, this is UT Heather.)

I have been wanting to force you into a real-life friendship with me for awhile now, but believe it or not, I'm introverted, and I have a lot of weird insecurities about friendships. I'm always worried that I'm annoying people or that they're just putting up with me because they're nice people. I even thought about contacting you once when I went through Flagstaff, but again - my insecurities...

ANYWAY (there I go with the oversharing), I would luh-luh-love to visit you when I am in Thatcher, and I would adore snuggling on your darling girls. We shall make this happen.


Heather said...

And this is HS Heather. Hooray for big moves in the name of change and progress. I am in the throes of packing and am not loving this stage of the game, especially with two littles. So happy for you guys!

Heather said...

(HS) PS: I love that you read the comments to Ted and that he cares, even if just a little. :)

kelly said...

oh, i love the heathers. :) your comments make me happy, ladies.