the regular ode you've come to expect.

when i'm SO cranky, upset, hormonal, sleep deprived, sick, or at a loss for words to describe my emotions my husband listens to me.

he lets me cry or doesn't comment as i try not to.
- but if i do, it's ok.

he makes me leave the house when i'm overwhelmed. and if i try to go to the grocery store he tells me to go to the spa.
- and when i go to the grocery store anyway, for over an hour, he doesn't question how long i've been gone. and he's doing the dishes when i get home.

he counters my impatience for a calm heart, my weaknesses with strength and my fears with a brave face.

and i'm more grateful every day and every week and every year that i'm married to this man. with each trial that comes our way (great or small) and with the birth of each of our beautiful girls, i have come to love him more when i thought that wasn't possible.

so here's the regular ode you've come to expect. and expect to hear it again. because he deserves it.