Not a rant

After my last two posts ( one and two ) this post is surprisingly not a rant disguised with creativity and blind stupor. (Ok, I just really wanted to say "blind stupor". Even if it doesn't fit.)

Did I mention we were going on vacation? Well, I think I did and we did - go on vacation, I mean. To Arkansas.

Now, some might think, "Arkansas? For spring break?? Sounds a little, well, not cool." That is where I must protest, my friends. Arkansas is awesome!

Hey, they might want to make that their state motto or something. I mean, right now, they're The Natural State. But wouldn't The Awesome State be about 1,000 times better? I know you agree.

Here is a list of 5 reasons I loved vacationing in Arkansas.

5. People there are really residential. I don't think they go places very often. So when a sweet family of 4 rolls into the La Quinta Inn all the way from Air-uh-zone-I-A for their best suite, they're instant royalty. Ok, so I'm way overdoing that, but it's true in its essence. I felt a little bit super star-esque.

4. Food. It's so yummy. But I did gain about 5 pounds (no joke) (and luckily I just had a baby so who is going to say anything ...) (4 months ago still falls under "just" right... ugh, 4 months? I think I'm losing my excuse.) by consuming all the battered, fried, greasy, mayo slathered goodness.

3. Ted's family is there! I have been a Crowder for quite a while and I finally got to meet some of the pack. It was great fun and I really love them.

2. It wasn't Flagstaff and it didn't have snow. Granted it was kind of brisk at times, but it was still lovely. Things were starting to bloom and it was so pretty. Just being there was wonderful , partially in that we weren't here.

1. When we'd get somewhere (Ted's family's houses, of friend's homes... the church building... pretty much anywhere) I would take Gwenna out of her car seat and say, "Ok, go!" And she ran. She ran, my friends, all over the place. She played with chickens and geese and cats and a baby goat. It was so much fun to play with her and watch her love being outside all the time. Alright, maybe The Natural State is appropriate.

So that's the top 5 of our Arkansas trip. Plus we took Gwenna to see "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" which was her first theatrical production.

What a wonderful vacation. What a wonderful way to break up the monotony that has been this semester... or maybe the past two semesters... possibly the monotony that has been here since our last vacation in July last. Well, except for when Oliva was born. That wasn't monotonous.

I digress. Vacation was great. Visit the Natural State soon. I hope you don't regret it and blame it on me.


Amy said...

What I like about this general region is the friendliness of the people. Oh, and it gets nice and green, even in the summer.

Jewel said...

I'm so glad your vacation was so nice!! How was the trip with two little ones to take care of? Was that part okay? :)