Can I just say...

... that I LOVE my husband? *siiiiiiigh* Ok, of course I do and I hope you love your husband as much as I love mine because if you do, you're seriously lucky.

This blog, oooooh this blog.

I love this blog. It's a place for me to write about whatever I want and talk about things going on in my life. But I doubt very many people read it anymore because of my inconsistency in posting. Really, my girls' blog is a little more important to me these days. They are very much the focus of my life most of the time - or at least the focus of most of my time. It's important for me to remember and chronicle these things in their lives so when I forget, I have a reminder. But I'm not done here yet. Maybe some day. But not now.

I just have so many random things running around in my head right now!

For example - our tax return. With some of our tax return, we are going on vacation to Arkansas. I have known Ted for 4 and a half years and in that time I have never met his dad's side of the family, the Crowder side. For goodness sake, I AM a Crowder now and will be forever. Ted's dad passed away the year we met, before we met, in 2005. So we haven't seen his family since we were married. So for spring break, off we FLY, all 4 of us, to Arkansas. Part of me is scared to fly with my girls - mostly Gwenna. Olivia is pretty happy anywhere as long as she can be held. But even then, she loves to be left alone sometimes, also. But my trouble with Gwenna comes from the fact that she's BUSY. She is such a busy little girl. She likes to run and jump and dance and play. Hard to do on airplane. So I'm certain more than half my carry on BULK is going to be things to keep Gwenna occupied with. So far I have:

*DVD player with Monsters Inc. (her favorite!), Finding Nemo, and the Wiggles.

*New toys (3-4) that she won't see until we are in the sky

*Her travel size Magnadoodle

*Snacks!! As many as I can stomach to give her.

She eats crayons after drawing for 3.5 seconds and likes to color on things other than paper so that won't fly. I'm thinking about a aqua doodle but I've never used them and suspect there is a certain amount of potential for mess. ... So that's what I'm thinking about in terms of flying.

Even though the flights are scaring me a little bit, I am so excited for this trip. We have a 2 room suite at a new hotel with a lovely pool that I can't wait to jump into, multiple times. We will be visiting the ward Ted grew up in on Sunday and there are lots of people I've heard about our whole married life, have received sweet cards and letters from and I finally get to meet them. Then there's the family factor. I'm so excited to meet the Crowders! I'm really looking forward to it being warmer (not a lot, as it's almost hitting 50 here and it's going to be in mid-60s there) and playing outside. Can I just tell you how excited I am for Gwenna to see a real live cow? It's going to be great.

Other thoughts include new doors. We're going to be purchasing new doors for our home. Whether we stay here while Ted is in school or we move and rent out our house, we need new doors. They're older than me, warped, and no amount of winter weather precautionary measures have kept them from being drafty this winter. Ted has worked so hard to keep our home warm considering the tiny (or formerly tiny) baby we have here in our house, but these doors are not allowing it anymore. We went door shopping today and it was so fun! We're looking at a door with a window for the back and the window opens to a screen so we can get a better cross breeze. Our kitchen window, large as it may be, doesn't open. So this will be great in the spring and summer. For the front we're going to do a window with one of those half circle decorative glass windows way up at the top. For the interior (yup, we're going all out, most likely) we're going to go with doors with routered areas (is that correct terminology?) because our interior doors right now, I have hated since we bought our house. There was just also something else more dire.

Another thought that is flying around is always the possibility of moving if Ted gets into EA's nursing program. Still 2 more months until we find out. But if we do move, I will not be sad. OK, that's a big lie. There are certain things I will not miss and certain things I will certainly miss... like the people here in our ward and elsewhere whom I love, our home we have put our hearts into over the past 3 years, the mild, sweet summers, the wonderful outdoors. but there are new things to love other places like no snow, a yard to play in, being able to go on walks almost year round, and Ted getting closer to being done with school... again.

There are lots more things running around in this little head of mine, but I applaud anyone who has gotten this far! So ith that, I start making a new mental list of things to blog about!


Lela said...

Kelly, Crayola has these really nifty clear markers that only write on the special paper. Then they turn colors. I give them to Alora every trip we take her on. They are pretty amazing!! Just a thought.

Amy Sprinkle said...

I thought about coming out to AZ in Feb. when Wes was gone, but decided not to, being intimidated by the 2-hour flight alone with the baby. I would have gone for it if Wes was with me, moral support you know. I hope things go well and it will be nice to have Ted there (and you there for Ted. Good luck! Enjoy your trip and I want to see pictures...

Janina Jones said...

Goodluck with your vacation.

Jewel said...

OH, I'm so glad you posted again. I've missed you. :)