To me, Thatcher is a place of wonder. So much of my testimony, my personality, and important life choices were built there. I lived in Thatcher for 3 years - 2 years working of my AA degree and my first year at NAU, the EA distance learning campus. Because of my NAU experience in Thatcher, I decided to move to Flagstaff, 5 years ago, to finish school. And because I moved to Flagstaff, I met my wonderful husband, married him, and now we have two beautiful daughters. See? To me, Thatcher pointed me in the direction I needed to go.

So when Ted applied to nursing school at CCC and NAU and then EA, I was ecstatic. I'm still trying to reserve some of my excitement, but it's hard. EA is the top choice for both of us but we'll go where we feel we should go and we'll go where we get in! Nursing is a very hot career right now since nurses are always needed and are needed anywhere. So we'll be happy if we get in at any one of the three schools. But EA? We'd be pretty thrilled.

There are a lot of complications surrounding a move the the Gila Valley. Like the fact that we have a mortgage. We'd rent out our house and we'd be making money on it in all likelihood but it's still a big challenge to manage our house from so far away. Also, employment. We'd most likely never find another employer for Ted who would work around his schedule in the way that his current employer does. He just lets them know his available hours each week, even if they change every week, and he still works. That's pretty awesome. Also, leaving our ward here in Flagstaff is a big drawback. We LOVE our ward so much. The people are amazing and we just love living her and going to church with the people we love.

But in Thatcher (meaning Thatcher/Safford - not to OFFEND anyone...) there's no snow. Maybe a tiiiiiiiiny bit - NOTHING like Flagstaff. And while I actually like the snow, it's tough with both our kiddos. We get really cooped up inside. We'd be able to go on walks everyday, almost year round, go to the park, and just be outside. We can be outside in the beautiful Flagstaff weather most of the year but the winter has, sadly, become a huge drawback with both our girls. Also, it's more rural, something we like a lot. We want to settle somewhere more green, open, and less populated. And of course, there's a temple. That was a big thing for us too. ... So many wonderful reasons to go. And yet we're in limbo, until May 1 or later, just waiting to find out where Ted gets into school.

So, once again, wish us luck. We have high hopes. Now it's just a waiting game!


Heather said...

Jealous! I really wish Josh and I could move to Thatcher. Even Josh, the total city boy who grew up in high rises in cities like Hong Kong, Beijing, and Chicago, has felt the magical pull of Thatcher and would like to move there. I'm sure you'll be happy wherever he gets in, but I imagine the not-knowing is the killer. Good luck with it all!

Heather said...

Ooohh good luck! Big changes on the horizon! When do you hear?

kelly said...

First Heather - I'm from Chicago myself and Thatcher still OWNS my heart. It's kind of inexplicable.

Second Heather - May. MAY! How WRONG is that?!

Jewel said...

I love Thatcher. If I wasn't living in Snowflake, I would want to live in Thatcher. Seriously. Probably the second favorite place in the world to me.

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!

Candace said...

EXCITING!!!!!! Thatcher rocks. If we weren't all set up to move to Sierra Vista after d-school...we'd totally consider Thatcher (ahem...I mean the "Gila Valley"). Now the fun part....WAITING. :P GOOD LUCK!