WOman dominated.

My husband is entering a very female dominated field. There are few male nurses. But Ted is going to make an awesome nurse. He's kind, compassionate, skilled, intelligent, strong, determined, and self motivated. See? He'll be great.

But in the meanwhile, he's getting his CNA as a prerequisite to nursing school. In his class there is 1 other man and then a bunch of teenage girls and grandmas. He comes home after every class with funny stories.

Like the maybe 18 year old girl who was assembling the dummies they use in class. Some parts are interchangeable so the same dummy body can be used for a male or a female, rather than buying a whole new dummy. Smart concept really. As the young girl was adding the *ahem* male private area *ahem* she put it on upside down. ... Really, if you can't even properly assemble a dummy, I'm kind of worried for your future as a nurse. One of the grandmas told her, thankfully, and Ted couldn't stop laughing. I feel bad for her, but I'm sure it was hilarious.

Oh, then there are the beds that can weigh the patients. Ted weighed two young girls in his group, both slender girls of comparable size. The weights came in as 217 pounds and 88 pounds... I'd hate to be told I weigh either of those! And it might be time to invest in new bed scales if that's pertinent to training.

I spent a lot of my professional career in male dominated offices, especially with I worked in undergraduate admissions at NAU. The upper-ups there especially were mostly male. It's interesting to me that Ted will be in the same boat, but totally opposite. I know he's going to do great and I'm SO excited for him to get into nursing school. We should be hearing in the next couple weeks what the decisions of the schools he's applied to are. Wish us luck!


Amy Sprinkle said...

It's like teaching! Nursing needs more men! Go Ted!

Heather said...

HAHAHA! Oh, that upside down man-part thing is so hilarious to me. Perhaps her parents would be slightly relieved to know that she was confused about that?

Jewel said...

I thought the bed weights were absolutely hilarious...can you imagine the panic that girl must have felt--just for a minute?

Casey said...

Ted is going to make a fantastic nurse!! I remember the last time my mom was in the hospital and her absolute favorite nurse was a guy. Hilarious stories. You go, Ted!

amber said...

Way to go Ted! We always had so much fun with the guys in our program, they definitely were the comic relief to all the girl drama, and I'm sure Ted will be the same.

I love the part about the "man" parts... great story!