Jaw Dropping

So for Ted's birthday, I got him a Roku box. I'll brag on it more later (because I think it's cool) but for now, just know that it lets you can stream "Watch instantly" selections from Netflix, straight to your TV. We've been watching a lot of things we didn't get to before.

My particular favorite is the Dick Van Dyke Show. I've always loved it.

But there are also much more recent seasons of shows that we didn't get to see before, having never had cable... actually, I haven't had cable in 7 years except for a short run of illegal cable right after Ted and I were married. (Again, a story for another day...)

Today we were watching John & Kate Plus 8, which I get a kick out of. We're watching season 1. I an had never seen an episode before we started watching it. Mostly I like it because it makes me want to be nicer to my husband. That Kate is nasty.

So, to jump to the point... Ted and I were watching this slew of children run around like wild banshees and he said to me, "You know, you've been pregnant as many times as she has." And I gave him the most wildly horrified look that has ever crossed my face.

Really?! I mean, she had twins and then sextuplets and has 8 children. I had 1 and then another 1. I'm grateful for that. SO grateful. While I think twins are AWESOME (built in playmate!) I couldn't do more than that.

I love my TWO kids.


Heather said...

I've been secretly coveting a dvr for awhile now so I can watch the shows I never get a chance to during their regularly scheduled times, but this roku box thing sounds intriguing. I shall have to look into it.

Oh, and I'm not one of those twins-wanters either. Those babies can form a single file line to my womb, thankyaverymuch.

kelly said...

Oh no, twins I could handle, or at least not go insane at the idea of. It's the SIX-FREAKING-KIDS that scares the living day lights out of me.

Jewel said...

I agree with kelly. But even twins makes me a little nervous. Yikes.
And we have Roku, and LOVE it. It's saved our lives this past week. Seriously.