If I had time for me...

I'd get a pedicure. ... Or at least take off the remnant of nail polish that I swiped on my toes prior to Olivia's birth.

I'd get a manicure! ... Or at least file my nails after I cut them.

I'd take a long, hot bath. ... Or at least soak in the hot tub at the Aquaplex while Ted swam with Gwenna.

I'd read my book club book. ... Or try to and most likely end up sleeping.

I'd take a nap. ... Or try to take nap and get out of bed after 10 minutes with an overwhelming feeling of guilt because the dishes STILL aren't done and proceed to scrub them.

I'd blog about all the exciting things in my life right now. ... Or at least about all the things I wish I could do these days.

I'd call my friends and catch up. ... Or at least leave them voicemail because they're in the same boat I am.


Jewel said...

Tragic. As I'm writing this, my sink (both of them) is full to overflowing with dirty dishes, the clean laundry is waiting patiently on my bed to be folded and put away, and my front room is desperately wanting to be vacuumed.

Yet here I am, reading blogs. Sigh.

The Browns said...

I'm sorry!!! That is so sad! And I'm in a similar boat...only I just have 1 kid...she's hilarious though. She LOVES to paint toenails! We do pedicures once a week because she begs me to paint her toes. And it's always pink! BUT the rest of the house is trashed!