Welcome to Earth. Hope you enjoy your stay.

The title of this post comes from one of Ted's friends/co-workers. He is a red head and has a thriving affinity for our little Gwenna. When he learned of Olivia's arrival, he emailed Ted and asked us to welcome Olivia to Earth. "Hope you enjoy your stay!" he added.

I'm thinking of this today, on December 2, Olivia's due date.

Mama Kelly with her little girls, a rare shot with baby Olivia's eyes open.

The decision to induce was kind of a rough decision for me to make. With Gwenna I had no issues inducing a week after her due date. It was time for her to get out of my womb and meet the world. But with Olivia, despite her suspected small size and liklihood for better growth on the outside due to whatever was stunting her growth internally, I struggled to make the decision. Part of it was becuase I wanted to give my daughter the best chance possible for a healthy transition and birth and part of it was because I didn't want a 15 hour labor.

See, it made sense to me that Gwenna would just come out. I'd be induced and she's make her way swiftly into the world. Less than 8 hours of smooth laboring proved me right. But with Olivia? Well, she was still 2 weeks shy of when she should come and so I had no good evidence that it would be beneficial to induce. ... Except for my doctor's recommendation.

I'm glad we did induce, for the most part. Her labor was really smooth and quick with no real complications. I do wonder sometimes what would have happened if we let her run her own course.

Would I have met her yet? Would I have had the chance before today to see her beautiful eyes and abundant smiles? Would she have followed in her sister's footsteps and have been late? Would my husband have driven off a cliff because my protruding belly was making it so difficult to change Gwenna's diapers that I regularly defaulted the task to him? In the words of the Tootsie Roll Pop, "The world may never know...."

I do know, though, that Olivia is a tender and sweet addition to our family. Even though she makes her older sister a little antsy sometimes because we don't get to go out like we used to or run around and play as much. Even though she regularly wakes twice a night to eat, interrupting my sleep and Ted's. Even though said feedings are almost always accompanied with a poopy diaper (last night, three!). Those silly things don't make her any less of a joy. She's a keeper, that Olivia and I'm glad she's here with us now, rather than just making her way into the world.

Happy due date, Olivia girl!


Jewel said...

Can I just say how much I love you, your style of writing, and how much it helps me gain a better persepective on my life? I miss you so much. Thank you for being a part of my life--even if it is vicariously lived through your blog. Both of your girls are beautiful, and I for one am glad they're here and can't wait to meet them (for real).

Amy Sprinkle said...

I have to say if she is only waking twice a night you've got it good! We're slowly making past needing to be fed every 2 hours, including at night!

kelly said...

Jewel, I just love you. Really, we need to come see you.

But Amy, this is only in contrast to Gwenna, who slept through the night from the time we came home from the hospital. You understand my dismay... :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

I DO understand your dismay! I would be thoroughly dismayed as well. I am having too much fun using the word dismay. Riboflavin

kelly said...

Oh Amy, you make me ridiculously happy. Come home soon. (Sorry, I know home is OK, not AZ, but to me, for you, it is AZ. Ü)

Adam and Dani said...

Congratulations on your two beautiful girls!