More little girls

Here are some pictures of my little sweeties.

I promise I'm not just a picture poster. I'm still a blogger. A mama blogger, undoubtedly, being that I have two precious girls, just still a blogger. I promise.

On Sunday while we were swaddling Olivia up I suggested Ted swaddle Gwenna up as well. She actually stayed this way for a while. We were quite surprised since Gwenna is all over the place most of the time. Also notice the Triscuit in her mouth. That made me laugh. She ate it with no hands.

Gwenna isn't much of the jelous type when it comes to her sister but she does like to do things the baby does like sit in the Boppy, be swaddled, and even diaper changes (I think) have become easier as of late. If Sissy (Olivia's nick name) does it, Gwenna is probably in.

Olivia's shocked face here is priceless and Gwena's chubbiness is AMAZING. I've been waiting for Gwenna to get good and chubby since she was born. SO cute!!

I've been meaning to get this picture for almost 3 weeks, as Olivia will be 3 weeks tomorrow (Thursday). I keep missing it, though! Gwenna doesn't really like to have her picture taken when she knows you're going to take it. She'll smile and be sweet if you sneak up on her but if she sees you get the camera and turn it on and select the setting, etc. then she's not going to be have terribly well. Anyway, finally I caught the cuteness that is Gwenna with her sister. She sure loves her.

... And just as much as Gwenna loves Olivia, I love my girls! ... Probably more, actually. These ladies are jewels in the pendant of my heart. - Was that the corniest thing you've ever heard? I think it was terrible but it jumped out of my fingers so we'll go with it.

On an unrelated note, can we say "blizzard"?? Because that's what hit us last night. Snow, snow, and more snow! This is starting off to be a very wet winter season. It was fun for the first while. Ted got Gwenna bundled up in her snow suit for her first real experience playing in the snow. She was 5 months last time we had this much snow, so it wasn't so fun for a pre-crawler. But she loved it this time! She was so stinkin' cute in her snow suit, too. She was almost as wide as she was tall! - Well, not really, but it almost looked that way.

Like I said, the snow started off fun. Then when we lost power due to the wind and accumulated snow, it wasn't so fun anymore. I packed us all up so we could head over to our Bishop's house if needs be. Our whole power source for our house is electricity - nothing here is gas. And with Gwenna, I know we'd be fine. We lost power once before in a snow storm and Gwenna did great. But Olivia is teeny tiny and I didn't want to chance it. We were fortunate that it was only about 4 hours before power was restored and our heat came back on. If we had been asleep, I doubt we'd have noticed. Olivia had a tough night last night though so we were up when it went out AND when it came on... with a little sleep in between.

And now it's starting to melt. We'll get more snow on Thursday, so the weatherman says, but until then, I'd be ok with some of it going away. We live here in Flagstaff because we enjoy all 4 seasons rather than Phoenix's hot, hotter, and not terribly hot... but upwards of 2 feet of snow in 12 hours is a lot for anyone to handle!


Jewel said...

We got a little snow, too, but none of ours stuck. We just had blizzard-y effects without any of the payoffs. Darn it.

Glad the power went back on. And you're right--Olivia's face in that picture is hilarious!

mary watts said...

Man Gwenna is soooo stinkin cute!