Just a collage of cuteness.

Our girls are really cute together...
when Gwenna is being nice ...
(that's another story all together).

Here are some of our cute sister moments over the last month.*

(click picture to enlarge)

* I can't believe Olivia was a month old on Saturday.
She's growing steadily and she makes us so happy!
As far as her health,
her kidney problem has not gone away
and paperwork has been submitted to our insurance company
for more tests.
She's still healthy though,
and still taking her preventative antibiotics,
so all is well!


Amy Sprinkle said...

I just LOVE Gwenna's smile on the picture where Olivia is doing tummy time. So happy!

Guess where we're going tomorrow...

mary watts said...

Thats my favorite one too. Gwenna seems like such a little girl...until you see her next to Olivia

kelly said...

SO true, mom. Gwenna dwarfs Olivia and Olivia makes Gwenna seem like a giant.