It's free, I tell you, free!!

Let me share with you what is pictured below:

Exercise pants
2 rolls of wrapping paper
A nutcracker
Ghiradelli peppermint bark
2 matching Carter's outfits (newborn and 18 month sizes)
Soft slipper socks
3 pairs of Dockers dress socks
11 pairs of Hanes men's athletic crew socks
A white Sonoma zip up sweater
A Christmas tree skirt.

All of this totaled about $124 and we saved about $135. ... Sounds great, right?

But we spent nothing.


I know, the insanity of it all!!

How did we do this? Well, we worked all year for it. You see, we're those crazy people that take serious advantage of reward points. Through our bank, every time we run a purchase as credit rather than debit, we got points. Over the course of about 6 months we wracked up enough points to earn $150 in visa debit gift cards. But that's not all. If ever we need to use a credit card (online purchases, Sam's Club, etc.) we always used our Discover card, earning us 1 $50 gift card to JCPenny and 1 $50 gift card to Kohls.

But running your debit card as credit costs you nothing at all, ever. And if you pay off your balance at at the end of every billing cycle, as awesome people do, then you don't even pay any interest on your purchases with your credit (i.e. Discover) card.

The best part about this is, we are so broke. Like, really broke. I mean, we're surviving just fine, and happily at that. We can pay our mortgage, we have money to eat (as in money to buy food, I don't eat nickles or anything), we have clothes... we just seriously didn't have extra money for Christmas after tuition, with Ted working part time. So our plan worked out perfectly.

We're more than half way done with shopping for each other and all Gwenna's gifts and our extended family gifts were purchased ages ago, before Ted started working part time (I'm a great planner, what can I say?). The only drawback is that I know everything I'm getting for Christmas from Ted and vice versa. The good part is I already tried on that sweater and it fits.

Now onto the another free thing.

Really, I just needed an excuse to pop in a picture of my darling baby girl Olivia. This outfit was given to her by my mama, her grandma. It is my current favorite thing to put her in because it's SO warm and the size is "up to 7 lbs" - and she's 6 lbs. It's actually one of the few things she fits into right now - poor scrawny little girl. She has a couple onesies I can trade out underneath... and it's SO cute and warm and cuddly.

And it was free, so it follows the theme of the post. Thanks, Mama.

Man, I am seriously ripping someone off. And if it's my bank or Discover card, I so don't even care. Hopefully it's not my mom...


Niki said...

Tada! (Just seemed right after the saving's post!) I don't know if people outside of our family are as good at getting deals as we are, or whether we just get more excited about it, but it sure is fun! I was furnishing my bookshelves and got FIVE picture frames at Goodwill for $2.45! I love saving!!! Way to go with the reward points. Are those the girls' X-mas outfits?

mary watts said...

Ok so I have searched EVERYWHERE for matching outfits in NB and 18 month sizes and have struck out. And TADA was the perfect thing to say!

kelly said...

Niki - they're not their Christmas outfits, per se, just matching outfits that probably won't even fit them until after Christmas. We got Olivia's at JCPenney - where they tend to have smaller clothes, and Gwenna's at Kohls. We only found one pair of matching dresses at Kohls in 0-3 mon. and 18 mon. but we didn't really like them.

Mom - See above on where we found them, I guess. :) Had to go to 2 stores...

Erin said...

You go lady! I wonder if my bank does that.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Greetings little alert Olivia, it is good to see your eyes!

We've been cold lately and I am loving warm outfits! I recently discovered baby tights are pretty easy to put on, easier than putting grown up pantyhose on myself!

Jewel said...

So fun. I just love your babies. ( and little girl). I'm impressed! Yay for points!

Shauni said...

I totally just "ordered" a free $100 Amazon gift card from my bank...I love it, especially since Jordan only works part-time, too. There we go with the twin thing again!

The Youngs said...

Olivia is sooo tiny! She's sooo cute. I cant wait till next yr. I want a little one by next Christmas :)

mary watts said...

Really...another nutcracker?