I'm an ArTIst!

This past weekend, while visiting our family in Gilbert for Christmas, we visited my sister Niki and her husband to see their thoroughly exciting custom bookshelves. You see, when they moved into their house this room was a transformed garage. Doesn't sound too bad. Except it was a badly transformed garage with bad carpet with no padding (or no carpet, I don't remember), a fake fireplace ... it was bad news.

And little by little the room has transformed.

See the proof below.

See? Those shelves are beautiful.

From both sides, beautiful.

Some day the foosball table will be set up (I don't actually have faith in that.) and we will go play foosball in the great room. Good times ahead, my friends.

While appreciating the bookshelf wall, I noticed a book from our childhood.

I pulled it off the shelf and saw that it was still in the same shape I remembered it.

You see, once I got mad at my sister. Ok, that's an understatement in terms of our youth. But, this one time, I got real mad at my sister. So I desecrated her book.

"Ever wonder what that stuff in there was?" I asked my sister.

Toothpaste was the response. It's toothpaste. I just squeeeeeeezed it in there in a fury of tooth cleaning proportions.

But that wasn't all. That would have been to spearmintly simple.

Please note the evidence below.

Maybe you can see the scribbling across this lovely illustration. Look carefully, it's there, in lime green Crayola.

That was real mean. And eventually, I think I forgave her for whatever horrible injustice she oppressed me with. I mean, I assume I forgave her because I tried to make restitution.

Inserted in between the lovely illustration and another page of text was this gem. A pretty amazing rendition of the original, if I do say so myself.

So I took that moment to apologize to my sister. After all, I doubt I ever had before then. I probably just made a new picture of the lovely illustration and called it good.

And now my amazing artwork is housed in beautiful, custom shelves. Kinda makes me feel special.


Niki said...

What a lovely post featuring the my favorite part of my house (at the moment) and maybe now Goggy will actually be able to see them!

Shauni said...

How coincidental that the book you toothpasted was Little Women, because in that book, Amy does something similar to Jo when she was mad at her (burned a manuscript she had written). Not that smearing toothpaste is as nearly as bad as burning, but I just thought that was kinda funny! :)

mary watts said...

Niki did you even remember this happening? Did you know the picture was in the book? So many things went on in my house under my nose that I knew nothing about. Probably better that way.

kelly said...

She knew. I forgot about the picture. I remembered the toothpaste. But that's for sure my artistry. That's how I drew women's feet for years. Like Minnie Mouse's.

Heather said...

HAH!! So classic.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Fabulous eyes too. "The better to see you with my dear."