I had twins?!

I couldn't not share this. There is a brand new, full post right below here, but check this out:

To the left: Gwenna. To the right: Olivia.

I just think there is striking resemblance between my two girls. Do you agree?


Amy Sprinkle said...

They do look a lot alike. It'll be like my sister and I, we look different but we sure look a lot alike too!

Nice to have twins separated by some time. I keep having weird dreams about having another baby when Sophia is 3 months old.

camilla said...

holy cow! twins for sure! That's okay though, cause Gwenna is ADORABLE!

Jewel said...

You have those pictures labeled with the date and name, right?

Because I sure would never be able to tell them apart.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Have I even said CONGRATULATIONS yet??? Holy cow what's wrong with me? She's a doll, love reading about life with two, and so glad things are good for you! Was she early? For some reason this caught me off guard. I mean how dare you not keep me personally updated, seeing how that was surely on the top of your to-do list. Anyway, you are a beautiful family...and the resemblance between your girls is, in fact, undeniable.

kelly said...

She was 2 weeks early so you shouldn't have been *that* surprise, mary anne! Next time around I'll send you an invitation to the induction. Haha ;) Just kidding. Hopefully there won't be another induction and the next one (in about 10 years) will just come on HIS own.

Wow, that was laden with hopes and wishes.

Lindsey said...

Oh my heck, they look soooo much alike! I can't believe you are the mother of 2...I just get so excited when I think about it! I love your girls so much and I haven't even met them, is that so weird!