Happy Birthday Mrs. C.

Mrs. C,

I would to share with you some of the highlights of today. Your Birthday!

First - cinnamon roll and peach pastry from brandys... sooooo good!

Second - such an awesome dinner inspired by the pioneer woman. Can we have this every night?

Third - Pineapple upside down cake!!!! I love your birthdays!

Fourth - doing the dishes without a shirt on! You should have joined me!

Sorry readers you don't get to see this hunk without a shirt on!

Fifth - cuddling in bed with you!!

I love you Kelly and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Niki said...

Ted, did you take the pictures too? (or are they just stolen from the internet?) Happy birthday to my favorite, newly older sister!

mary watts said...

now you guys are only one year apart...do I say that almost every year?

kelly said...

Ted didn' take the picture but they are all just like the real stuff. Almost creepy that he *didn't* take them...

And Mom, you do say that every year, but this year I'm older than Niki. Isn't that crazy how that happens? Went from being the younger sister by 2 years, about 2 or 3 years ago, to being the older sister by 1 year. 25 was just too good to Niki.

Niki said...

What can I say? 25's been good to me!

mary watts said...

berry berry good to me!

The Youngs said...

what was that dinner-the pioneer one? u will have to share the recipe- Im confused what it is