Happy anniversary to me... and you. But only if you're Ted.

Today, December 15, is the anniversary of the day I married the most spectacular man. You should all be jealous.

So today I want to share any and all the random thoughts I have in my head about my husband, our wedding, and our anniversaries.

It won't be long. It's after nine and I have an infant.

When Ted first told me he loved me I told him that I thought we should slow things down. ... Even though I loved him too, I so was NOT ready to say it.

But eventually I did and then he proposed and we got married 6 months later, much to my husband's dismay.

Our first anniversary was spent in Lake Havasu City. It was a lot of fun despite disaster. Except for this one part where we were in a tow truck and I had serious gastro-intestinal issues and just prayed for a fast trip back to the hotel.

Oh, and there was a bangle cat. You can read all about it in a post written 2 years ago entitled "How I spent my anniversary OR trapped in Lake Havasu".

I remember thinking I really loved my husband and then I married him and I realized I had no idea what I was talking about. Then we were married for a year and I realized I had been previously clueless about love. Had the first kid and came to the conclusion that I should just stop thinking that I'd reached the best point because then the second came along and really, now, i KNOW, I could never love this man more.

If my husband shaves, I know exactly what he's up to. To me, the sound of his electric razor could be equated to chocolate cover strawberries and champagne.

On our wedding day, my husband came to see me while I was having my hair done and he had a dozen donuts. They weren't for me. He and his brother were just putting away the whole box. A Crowder stomach is a thing to be reckoned with.

I have never seen a man so content in my whole life as when Gwenna cuddles up to Ted. It's a beautiful sight.

Last night sometime, around 1.30 I think, while Gwenna was wailing in pain from teething (I. Hate. Teeth.) and Olivia was wailing at me to feed her, Ted whispered to me, "Happy anniversary." It could have been taken as sarcasm because, really?!, but it was sincere. It was tomorrow (well, you know, because you go to sleep and tomorrow is your anniversary and so it was tomorrow) and he just wanted to be the first to tell me and to tell me as early as possible. That's just Ted.

I said this was going to be short... mostly because my brain doesn't work anymore... but one last thought. I really do have the best, most amazing husband ever. And if you don't believe me then I at least have the best, most amazing husband for me. No denying that one. He's just the best and I could list 100 reasons but I don't need to prove myself to you! (See, brain dead ... is that two words or one??)

But, since I like to prove myself, let me just say, I almost peed my pants about 10 times today because he makes me laugh so much. It has nothing to do with 2 close-together pregnancies, either, because my bladder has SO rebounded. It was pure Ted humor.

Luckiest. Girl. EVER.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Before I finish reading I must say as of today it is anniversary to me too! And I am so not jealous because I got a great man of my own! (Am I feeling a little selfish or what?)

Anyways, happy anniversary friends!

Amy Sprinkle said...

Ok, I finished reading. Ted is a really funny guy and if it makes you feel better I might have almost wet my pants too. (Remember, this is the girl who has difficulty getting through prayers at your house.)

Candace said...

Chuckling at your mention of your husband and shaving....'cause I know JUST what you mean!! ;)