If you have a moment, look at this link first. I watched that video last night and honestly cried when I compared that baby to the girl in the following videos. That is literally yesterday to me. I don't feel like she was born yesterday, but that day is so crisp in my mind, it feels like yesterday.

Then I made Ted come upstairs even though he was soothing a fussy baby downstairs, to watch that video. Upon completion of said movie, I urged Ted to never release the baby he was holding because, as certain and the sun with rise, the little excited walker in that video will tomorrow represent our second born. Time just goes by so quickly sometimes.

That being said! ...

It's so hard for me to get Gwenna to do anything cute on camera because she's more interested in the technology (i.e. the camera I'm holding) than doing whatever cute things it was she was doing. But I got some cuteness caught on camera the other night and I wanted to share it with you.

Once again, mostly for the grandmas, but everyone is invited to enjoy. Just know that I know I'm "one of those moms" who posts things on her blog that a lot of people don't really care about. But I care about it ... er, um, her. A lot.

First up: Gwenna on the stairs (one of her favorite places). Hilights include the word "cheese" as well as Gwenna's patented "hi dare!" - which of course is "hi there" in Gwenese. Oh, and her flaming red hair that I love so much... can't forget that.

Second, we have Gwenna playing with a new toy from G'ma and G'pa for Christmas. Hilights include the little "bye!" from the toy in the background that for a moment I thought was Gwenna. But she doesn't say "bye", she says "I" instead because the whole "b" thing doesn't really work for her yet. She also calls herself "neh-nuh" but we'll take it. Also look for Gwenna hoisting the handbag over her shoulder as she does with everything she believes to be a purse, including 6-pack coolers and grocery bags.

*The quality is a little sketchy. Sorry about that. Have to compress the files to make them not take up so much room and so they load in under an hour.


Heather said...

People who don't care about that have no soul. She is darling, of course.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

yes! i would like to share healthier snacks and meal ideas...though I dont have much to share! i dont cook much and have a hard time figuring out normal healthy meals (im a picky eater) for myself and my family. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if I ever come across something, I will gladly share. :)