First born update

In all the hustle and bustle of new baby-dom, I want to take a moment to make sure I"m not neglecting the existence of my first born, beautiful daughter Gwenna. She's been doing so much lately that I want to update the grandmas and others on. Here's a little slice.

As of late, Gwenna likes to knock on doors. She thinks it's fun for wahtever reason, probably because we think it's cute. He likes to knock on any side of any door and say, "Hiiiiii. Hiiiii." "Hi" was a long time coming and she still (surprise, surprise) only says it when SHE wants to. But it's darling.

Gwenna has also gotten her appetite back after about a week of being really finicky and tough to feed. She got her first molar and with the coming in of that darn tooth we witnessed the going out of her appetite. I don't blame her.

Gwenna loves to feed herself with a fork. We have big forks and little forks in our flatware set (I'm sure they each have a purpose, like on being the salad for or something like that but really, the little forks are just the rejects) and so Gwenna likes to have a little fork that looks just like ours. We also give her a salad plate, so she has essentially the same place setting we do. Otherwise, she feels like she's missing out on something. On the day pictured above, we were having chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and she ate three whole pancakes - as many as Ted and I each had. I was pretty shocked. From famine to feast, I suppose...

We frequently get comments on how tall our (going on) 16 month old baby girl is. It's true, folks. She's kind of a giant. People think she's as tall as a 2 year old, but since she hasn't filled out that way (tall and skinny? what?!) she doesn't look quite that old.

Here is Gwenna flipping on the light switch in the living room.

Now granted, all the light switches are strangely low in our house for no good reason that I can see but even given that fact, she still is a little young to be able to reach the switches.

Also recently, Ted has been spending more time with Gwenna, just the two of them. I've had a lot of doctor appointments and other things going on lately that Ted has graciously spent his time with our little girl.

Last night Ted tore apart the sticky part of a shipping label and decorated Gwenna's body with it.

I know, sounds strange...

... but Gwenna really likes stickers and I can only imagine the glee in her eyes as ted placed them on her torso. She's kind of strange like that. Ted was so excited as he was telling me about the fun they had rolling around on the floor and running around the house and giggling. I love the relationship they have. Gwenna and I spend our evenings (especially if Ted is working) quietly reading books and singing songs and the like so every once in a while it's really good for them to have an evening to themselves where they can be wild and crazy. And being that Gwenna is killer happy today, I think she needed that.

So that's Gwenna's update. I have no updates otherwise, really. At my last doctor's appointment I was denied the chance to set an induction date until my next appointment, sadly. So on Monday we'll set a date (possibly the following day, possibly the following Thursday...) and go from there.

No matter how you slice it, it's coming fast and we're getting excited!!


Amy Sprinkle said...

I like Gwenna's shipping label outfit. Good work Ted.

mary watts said...

Kel anna said the little girl she babysat for was like that with the stickers and she still is and she is seven.

Jewel said...

She IS tall!! and sounds like she's learning so fast!! You've got a precious little girl there. :)

Heather said...

Today I am BURSTING with excitement and happiness (I really feel like I cannot possibly wait another three weeks), and this post just put me over the top. AUUUGHH!!