DROP goes the baby...

I know, I know, that is the WORST title for a blog ever. But honestly, ever since Olivia dropped last week (Friday, just ask Ted) those words have replaced the words "POP goes the weasel" in my head in this classic childhood tune. It's terrible! - The song, not the actual event. Olivia dropping was okay. I means I can breathe easier and who doesn't like to breathe easier?

So I'm just shy now of a whopping 38 weeks pregnant. See the horrid proof below.

All the gloriousness that is the un-make-upped Kelly + an additional 15 lbs.

Last Friday I tried to commit my doctor to an induction date. Not that I'm totally thrilled to be induced but earlier that week he had said that he thought it best to induce between 37 and 38 weeks. So I tried to commit him to Tuesday (tomorrow) - one day shy of 38 weeks - holding out basically as long as I thought I could under that imposed time frame. He decided... no ... which I thought strange. He preferred, rather, the talk about it at my next appointment (today, because I basically live at Flagstaff OB/GYN).

Well upon more thorough investigation all evidence pointed to the fact that Thursday would be a better day. I'm almost 4 cm dilated and I'm 70% effaced... so things are actually progressing nicely on their own. I think the baby's dropage has helped in this process.

So assuming she doesn't come before Thursday, Thursday morning at 7.30 I'll be back in Labor and Delivery (it really seems like I was just there for Gwenna...) preparing to welcome little Olivia into the world! And she might not be so little anymore. Well, she's still going to be little but since I've been gaining weight still (officially have gained more weight with Olivia than Gwenna as of today!... by 1 pound, but it's a glorious pound.) there's a small chance she might be plumping up. Small, but possible.

So let the list making begin. I've organized my cabinets so my mom can more efficiently navigate her way around while she's here. Laundry is in full swing (don't have much to do because I've been keeping up, being in limbo and all). Meals are planned for the next 9 days - including two that my mom will whip up and freeze for us when she is here. Gwenna care is planned out. ... Now it's just silly little things like cleaning the floors and getting Ted through his Anatomy test tomorrow... Which I hope he makes it to. He's been awake since basically 5 am (on his day off) taking care of Gwenna, studying, and chauffeuring the ladies around to doctor appointments, the grocery store, and on social calls. He's amazing.

How amazing? Well, he and Gwenna made this wicked cool tent the other night.

Gwenna wasn't sure about it at first but she grew to love it quickly, especially with the introduction of a flash light. The tent's construction reminded me of Saturday nights spent with my sister in our bedroom with a couple sheets, a box of tacks, a bowl of pop corn, and SNIK. Saturday Night Nick (Nickelodeon) to be more precise. Those were good times.

So if you'll excuse me now, my husband is laying on the floor with his hands on my feet and his head on his back pack, snoring and leaking a little from his mouth, my baby is asleep (the external one), and I have blackened salmon tacos to make and Kung Fu Panda to look forward to, prior to an early bed time for all.

It's going to be a good night.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Just think of when Olivia is born and all that weight disappears. It feels good to have a normal belly.

kelly said...

Oh Amy, "normal" is so subjective... especially when you're been pregnant as much as I have - 18 out of the past 25 months. That's a lot!

Last night I was saying how uncomfortable I was and Ted said, "Don't worry, in a few weeks you'll feel like your normal self agagin." But I don't even know what my normal self feels like anymore!

Heather said...

Hip hip for Baby Olivia and hopeully a Thursday birthday! I can't wait to "meet" the little peanut and wish you the best of labor luck.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Your normal self is whatever you want it to be.

kelly said...

Oh Amy, good thought. What DO I want it to be? :) I'll ponder on that...

mary watts said...

I thought for sure we would see one last post from the mommy of one before you become a mommy of two

Jewel said...

You know you're a super-human mommy, right?

I hope you know that.