Because I can.

My mom expected 1 more post before we head off to the hospital tomorrow.

And that got me thinking.

What more can I say?

How about ...

I have absolutely cherished being the mother to my one and only precious and beautiful and intelligent daughter Gwenna. I have been so blessed to be home with her, growing and learning with her, laughing and crying with her. There's been a lot of all of that.

She has made every last day of the past 16 months wonderful. Even on days when I was tired as a dog. Even when she couldn't sleep back when she was so sick. Even when she was so constipated that her shrill cries pierced my ear drums. Even those days were better than any day before her.

And it's bittersweet that we welcome Olivia into our family. Not because I will love her any less. Not because she will be any less beautiful or perfect than Gwenna. Quite the opposite. But with Olivia's birth I will see the passing of an era. No more will I be the newlywed mom - new to the eternal marriage of mother and child in an inseperable bond. Now, well tomorrow, we are four. Four members of my family. And it will be the start of a new era.

I'm so excited.

And with that... I think we need to celebrate with some cake!

After rearranging furniture last night (Ted and our home teacher from church, not me!) cleaning the floors today and doing dishes and all that preparatory jazz, it was time to take a good, long, warm bath tonight. When I was rejuvinated, I found it within myself to make Olivia's birthday cake. I made Gwenna a birthday cake, how could I deny Olivia the same right?

I don't know that it turned out as cute as Gwenna's did (click here for Gwenna's cake) but I like it. And that little flying thing to the right is a bumble bee. Ted thought it was a butterfly. But it's not.

So here's to Olivia's birthday tomorrow. Wish us luck - and a speedy delivery!!


Jewel said...

Oh, good luck good luck good luck!! I'm so excited for you all--and I can't wait to meet little Olivia!! I hope everything goes perfectly on her birthday!!

Ted said...

In my defense, I didn't see the cake from the top. I saw it at a weird angle. It is totally a Bumble Bee!

Amy Sprinkle said...

As I go off to play group for the first time this morning, I thought, "Hey, I wonder if Kelly posted anything." Well you did. I am excited for you!!!!! (Notice all the exclamation points). Good luck, hope things go well and quickly, and that little Olivia is as healthy as can be! (Also, prayers in your direction!)

Cortney said...

I loved that post almost made me cry. I feel the same way! I can't hardly imagine anything but newlywed motherhood and devulging all your time, energy, and effort into one beautiful, amazing being.

Heavenly Father sure made us versatile and we adapt and will love all our children equally, but many have told me that nothing is as special as the birth and pregnancy of your first child because it is the foreground of motherhood.

Best wishes are an amazing mama!