An apology for hypocrisy

A few weeks back my friend Amy had her first baby, a precious little girl. I was very demanding when it came to pictures. I wanted to see this little girl who was born and now lives entirely too far away! And now, three days after Olivia was born, I haven't posted anything other than a birth announcement with incorrect information (17.5 in, not 18).

So here is me making up for that.

Not that new moms have any time for things like this. Olivia is asleep in Ted's arms and that's how I'm getting away with this. Really, I should be sleeping. I'm mildly insane.

This collage above displays picture from while we were at the hospital. We had a short stay. We were pushing to get out as soon as we could. Once you find out you have an essentially healthy kid and you're not going to die of blood loss or anything crazy, I think a pregnant woman basically just wants to be home. Maybe that's just me talking.

As far as the phrase "essentially healthy" goes, let me explain. Olivia is doing great. Really, for being born a little early (not early for a normal size baby) she is rockin' it. She's bigger than expected, as I mentioned the other day, and we're really proud of her size. She does have Hydronefrosis though - a slight swelling of her right kidney. She's also mildly jaundiced. Neither issue is proving to be a major challenge. However, since the Hydronefrosis can sauce UTIs rather easily, Olivia was put on Amoxicillin. I protested this becuase of Gwenna's lovely history with antibiotics and her body's drive to fight them off like the plague. Olivia's doctor seemed to think it was ok to get her on antibiotics anyway, as a preventative measure for the potential of a UTI, which can be real bad in the little ones.

And then the rash - the rash we know oh-so-well - popped up after one dose. One dose people! Gwenna had been on her second round of antibiotics, almost done with it, when her rash occurred. Anyway, I'm ticked but not really at the doctor, and certainly not at Olivia... just mad that it happened. All medicine is suspended until further inspection tomorrow at her regular 4 day appointment.


Her second day home was nice. Ran smoothly.

Here is the close up so you can see her darling cheeks and chin. She looks a lot like Gwenna - well, a lot like Gwenna did when she was born.

Ted was born to be a dad. I learned this early on when Gwenna was born. And he LOVES having girls. He's such a softie. We were both in tears when Olivia was born. Partially becuase it's emotional, but also because it was such a relief that she was healthy. ... Here he is with his girls, watching a movie on the couch.

I just adore how you can see Gwenna all cuddled into the Boppy pillow. She's taken to her sister well.

Because she's jaundiced, we've been giving Olivia time in the sun, which helps out a lot. Today, Gwenna's pink blankie landed right next to Olivia's and they had sun time together.

Gwenna was tickling Olivia's little back. It was super cute. Sisters = happiness in our home.

So there is the update. I can't believe I made it through. I'm kinda beat. Olivia isn't as good at sleeping in her crib as Gwenna was. Gwenna was in her crib very early on and we're making good steps towards this with Olivia but she far to small to not eat several times a night. ... So that's where we are. Tired. But happy to be together. We're enjoying being "four", just as I thought we would. Our days of having 1 kiddo are but a memory now but the sweetness of number 2 is a worthy trade.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Totally agree about the hospital. We were out of there as soon as they would let us!

Cassie Sampson said...

She's GORGEOUS! What beautiful little girls you have. Sugar and spice and everything nice!

Jewel said...

That picture of Gwenna laying next to her little sister brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you and your new family of FOUR--now, get some sleep!! (if you can...I know feeding them all through the night gets rough!)

Heather said...

Wow~ Super mom for posting. I am struggling to getmy rear in gear to post an update but never seem to find the time. I can read others but actually composing and organizing pics is another story. Yes, you should be sleeping!

So glad things went well, you are healthy, Olivia is healthy and that everyone has adjusted beautifully. Sleep wishes!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, I am mad that I haven't had the chance to check your blog and have been missing all this sweetness! Gwenna looks so huge next to Olivia, but what a tender sister she is. I love it.

kelly said...

Oh my gosh, Heather you're so right - Gwenna is a GIANT compared to Olivia. It's especially strange since Gwenna was born only 3 oz. larger than Olivia... so she used to be small, apparently. I just don't really remember it. Gwenna was teething a big and I fed Olivia in the night then went to comfort Gwenna and picking her up after holding my tiny tiny girl was insane.

Amy Sprinkle said...

That picture of Gwenna and Olivia in the sun makes me sigh every time I see it. It makes you feel good having one sister take care of the other. You'll have to keep that picture in reserve for when they start fighting. "See, you do love each other!"

amber said...

Kelly- we are so excited for you and Ted! Olivia is a beautiful little baby. Good luck with all the new adjustments, I know you will do great!

camilla said...

I knew I was a mother of 2 when I was sitting at the table with my breakfast in front of me, holding both kids while they were crying, and desperately wishing I could eat it.
I love your sister pictures. We LOVE having sisters at our house! She is just adorable!