All that's rolling around up there.

SO MUCH is going on in my head lately.
And my dang 36 week pregnant body just can't keep up.

I've been making list after list after list... and I'm about to make a list of lists that I have to make. OK, I'll refrain from that psychotic behavior but deep down I want to do it.

We have assembled Olivia's little crib. And it's little. Perfectly small and we LOVE it. On Tuesday, after my first doctor appointment, we ordered the crib mattress through, Site-to-Store... and it's here. How on EARTH did that happen so fast? No, really... it would be a quick 2 day turn around for anywhere but for FLAGSTAFF?! It's really insane.

Ted has started working his crazy shifts now that he is working totally part time. Tomorrow it's 1.45 to 10.45 pm. I'm not sure how I feel about these hours yet but he does still have a job, didn't take any pay cut, is going to school full time, and it's amazing to me that it worked out that way at all. So I won't complain about it. I just miss him a little in the evening. He did come home for dinner the last late shift he worked and that was really nice. He was able to see Gwenna before she went to bed, which is really important to him.

I have (mostly) packed for the hospital, as of last week, but what about Gwenna? She could be sent of to a relative or friend's house with just a moment's notice. Well, that's not entirely fair. It's not like I wouldn't know I'd have to go to the hospital. Contractions and other tell-tale signs of labor would give it away a little. But I'd rather not worry about these things then. So Gwenna is almost packed. Clothes, diapers, favorite snacks, toys, sippy cups... You know, the most important things in her life! It'll be like a little of home going with her, I hope.

We have a new dining room set and it's so perfect. When Ted and I were married, we ordered a dining room set through our friend's dad who had a furniture distribution business. Well, it was backordered FOREVER and then discontinued. He was actually going out of business by time it was discontinued so he gave us the floor model of another set for basically cost. It only had 2 chairs though and we've never been able to come close to matching them (although the paint splattered folding chairs we take out for company come really close...) and realized we're in need of more seating. Plus, I didn't want a square table anymore. This set is SO much better. FOUR chairs, rectangular, doesn't pretrude the way the square table did, and Gwenna is right up at the table with us now. No tray on her highchair, it's just a booster now. And we'll have room for Olivia when she eventually joins in on the Crowder mealtime fun. And oh, is it fun! Really, we have fun dinners, I feel.

I told you about the first ultrasound we had on Tuesday... well, all the not so fun parts. Well, there was at least one or two really super fun parts. The ultrasound tech printed off a BEAUTIFUL picture of Olivia for us. A lovely face shot. ... It didn't scan great, but I wanted to share it. I bet it'll get bigger if you click on it, but most likely it's best to view it at the current resolution.

Seriously, isn't she adorable? And, you're doubly lucky today because the way this is currently displayed is also a sneak peek of Olivia's birth announcement, which has been designed for about 3 weeks, and is to die for.

I told my mom I would post pictures of Gwenna on Halloween but I haven't even had time to get them ON the computer, much less condense them to viewable size and get them on the blog. So here is a picture my friend Heidi took of Gwenna at our Bishop's house on Halloween, petting one of their awesome basset hounds. Thanks in advance Heidi. Sorry I didn't check with you before stealing it.

Oh, and Gwenna was a love bug, you know, like a lady bug but pink and with hearts instead of spots... basically adorable!

So that's some of what's rolling around in my head today. I've already organized the Christmas presents in the closet, done laundry, cleaned the living room, organized the dishes (I didn't DO them, just got them ready to do. Don't ask.), and packed Gwenna. Now I need a nap, right about the time Gwenna is going to wake up from her nap... Such is the life of a mother!


Heather said...

LOVE the face shot! She really is beautiful. I hope you don't take all the really cute kids before I get some. Really, Kelly, don't be so greedy.

kelly said...

Heather, if I have another girl AFTER Olivia and your kids turn out to be dogs, I'll give you my third beautiful girl. We only want 2 girls and 2 boys so really, you'd be doing me a favor.

Amy Sprinkle said...

I like that ultrasound shot, it kinda looks like a painting.

Sophia and I took a nap together today with her laying on my chest. It was great. I love being a mom.

mary watts said...

If this was written by anyone other than you, my little planner-listmaker, I would say it was time for Olivia to be born with the whole nesting thing!

The Browns said...

Cute!!! I LOVE that ultrasound pic! way cute! And don't worry, I don't mind that you stole my picture and posted on your blog...copyright laws? Just kidding! =] As I said on my blog, Gwenna was the cutest little love bug EVER!!!

Jewel said...

I do the same thing--organize the dishes and then do them. I know exactly what you're talking about.