Aaaah Choo.

I'm sitting her on the couch with my husband and baby girl Gwenna, SO glad that I can listen to her fake sneezes. It's her new thing and it's music to my ears.

This morning I had my 36 weeks appointment with my doctor. We also had an ultrasound. Lots of good news and some not so good news. The good news is I'm dilated to 2! Granted, not very far, but I'm 36 weeks (tomorrow) so we took it to be awesome. It took me a week longer with Gwenna to get that far and I stayed there until I was induced. So any progress is happy.

Also, still gaining weight. Not much (surprise, surprise!) but still gaining and that's good.

Then I had my ultrasound to check on Olivia's weight. My doctor had to see me before the ultrasound due to availability of the tech but said he'd contact me if anything concerned him. At my appointment I measured at 34 weeks - not too shabby. But during my ultrasound Olivia measured in between 32 and 33 weeks.

We went home and a couple hours later Dr. Jo called with some concerns. Unborn babies are measured on a curve and assigned to percentiles just like any other baby. Olivia was measuring in at about the 6th percentile. Below the 10th and there is cause for monitoring and concern, 5 or below and you pretty much just have to have your baby. We talked for a while and decided to redo the ultrasound and do a non-stress test (NST) at the hospital.

Ted stayed home with Gwenna (who hasn't been feeling well and just had 2 new teeth pop through on the bottom) and I headed to Labor and Delivery alone. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to going alone but I'd rather Ted be with Gwenna than anyone else. He's such a good and caring papa.

I checked in and they had me change into a fashionable gown and hook up to the monitors. I had a spectacular nurse, Gayle, who will hopefully be there when Olivia is born. She said I passes the NST basically in the first couple minutes. Olivia is active and strong - nothing I (and my ribs!) didn't know. We had to wait on the ultrasound for a while and I had to be hooked up the the monitors for the NST for a full 20 minutes as per hospital guidelines.

They transported me to the ultrasound tech's room and away we went with new measurements. Oh, and they WARM the gel they put on your belly before the ultrasound. Fancy! Maybe that's standard in every realm other than my doctor's office, but I was impressed.

The measurements came in close to my earlier ultrasound, but better.

I was taken back to Labor and Delivery and the results were relayed to my doctor. He wanted to consult with a perinatalist (eh?) in Phoenix and then called to report. Our options were really varied. It could go anywhere from immediate induction (eek!) to going home with little further action.

Meanwhile, I ordered dinner! What's the point of being in the hospital if you can't get awesome food? Um... anyway...

Dr. Jo called to report that he decided to hold off on induction - since we want Olivia to be as big as she can be when she's born and at a whopping 4 lbs. 14 oz right now (in her fat pants...) - and instead monitor really closely. So it's 2 NSTs a week for me on top of my regular weekly appointments, and a weekly ultrasound to monitor fluid levels. Whew! Hopefully those NSTs and ultrasounds can happen at my regularly scheduled appointments... you know, so we can have 2 appointments a week rather than 4. I'd like that a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

So the good news is that Olivia is active and growing (slowly) and she's not being born today! Even if we hold out 1 more week, she'll be full term and that would be good for everyone involved.

So, what am I doing tomorrow? Well, I'm buying premie clothes! Gwenna, born at 5 lbs. 12 oz., didn't fit properly into regular even newborn clothes for about a month. Olivia is going to need premie clothes, for sure.

OH! And she's going to have HAIR! I was pretty bald, so was Ted, and Gwenna's red shock was sparse. But we saw hair on this baby's head in the second ultrasound. ... I hope it's red. I'll love anything we get but how fun would it be to have TWO red headed girls??

And tonight, even thought Gwenna is irritable (new teeth, FOUR shots yesterday, running a low grade fever...) and a little cranky, I am SO GLAD to be home with her and Ted and the awesome fake sneezes. I'd much rather be here than in a hospital bed, having a baby at 36 weeks. I'm so glad that things have worked out the way they have today.


The Browns said...

Alright, so I KNOW I'm not your visiting teacher anymore, but if you need ANYTHING, let me know, ok???

mary watts said...

So I was able to find a few preemie things but holy cow they look really small. And of course I got a little something for the big sister as well...a new purse!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

We didn't do preemie clothes with either of our kiddos but there are times I wish we would've. Hayley was 5 pounds and though she gained weight really quickly, those first few weeks when nothing fits are really frusterating, especially in your situation where youre trying to keep your baby warm and not have everything fall off her dainty shoulders. But then we had Andy at 39 weeks and 3 days and he was 6 pounds...I thought he'd be 8 or 9...so small babies are just my thing. Hopefully that's just the case with you too and Olivia will be fine. Im glad the stress tests are coming back fine. I cant believe she'll be here so soon!!! (im rooting for red hair too...since both of my babies were born with it and now my second born is starting to bald and go blonde. No!)

carrielyshous said...

Wow, so much is going on! I hope everything goes smoothly and that she grows fast all of the sudden :D Good luck.

Heather said...

Whew, what a stressful few days! I am glad that you are home, too, and I hope that things go best-case scenario.

amber said...

Glad to hear things are going as well as you could hope right now! I'm excited to meet your new little one, but its a good thing we get to wait. Good luck!

Amy Sprinkle said...

I was just reading another friend's blog and saw a cute picture of a little pink lady bug on Halloween at Bishop's house. She was being very nice to the doggie.

Heather said...

totally feel ya! i was up to monitoring every other day with thetwins and then one day they were like, lets have some babies! tomorrow! alrighty then! so glad she is as big as she is already and that you are 36 weeks t least, kepp her cookin' Kelly!

Jewel said...

Yeah. Jack was nearly 10 pounds. I'm afraid I never had to worry about preemie clothes...but I'm glad she's baking for a while longer for ya! And it's such a comforting thing when you have an active baby, isn't it? You always have such a good perspective about these things!