What would Friday be without randomness?

Buddy, 2007, sniffing some pretty leaves at Snow Bowl

I'm 50-odd days away from having a baby. What was the logical thing to do today? Buy two maternity shirts and a pair of maternity cordaroy pants! Really though, as Olivia is being born in the exact opposite season of Gwenna, I'm also my most pergnant in the exact opposite season as last time. I'm getting chilly! Two long sleeve shirts and some cordaroy pants were SO called for. Plus, I really missed my cordaroy pants! I hope I fit into them quickly, postpartum. I think I will. I really hope I will.

Speaking of, my doctor finally told me this week to start gaining weight. (Right, because I wasn't already?) I think I did pretty darn good, making it to 32 to weeks before he said anything of the sort, being that it was a constant concern last time around. And really, I'm doing great, and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what he's talking about. No sarcasm there, I really am doing awesome. The last thing I need is a free ticket to ride the caloric highway. This weight does have to come off you know, doc.

I'm pretty bummed that Obama stole the Nobel Peace Prize from me. I mean, if he was nominated 11 days into his presidency, CERTAINLY someone nominated me. ... Oh, and sorry he beat you out, too.

I've been baking up a storm lately as the weather has been changing. Cookies, buttermilk biscuits, peach pie, apple crisp, muffins, cupcakes, and a pumpkin chees cake type pie in the works for this weekend. It's amazing how much toastier your house feels when you bake.

Ted has an MRI coming up, on his right knee, which he hurt about 8 months ago. The doctor is thinking torn meniscus. Eek! No fun at all. I'm excited for him to get it taken care of because it has been hurting him on and off for 8 months and much more so over the last 2 months. We're HOPING he doesn't have to have surgery. But we'll see. And better to get it and make it better than to not get it and be in pain.

Would it weird you out if your husband's female coworker who is the same age as your mother kissed you on the cheek? It totally didn't weird me out.

I have a little blemish (read: ZIT) on the inside of my nostril and it's making me crazy! Is that not the worst place ever to have a blemish, especially one that hurts? It's the worst.

Ted's work schedule may change soon! Since we're been married (since 3 weeks after our marriage) he has worked Saturdays. That's about to change. He'll be on call for Saturdays, but won't be required to work them anymore. I am SO looking forward to this! We can do weekend things for the first time. ... Like go to the demolition derby (Ted's favorite) when it's going on, and do fun things downtown (of which there are a plethora), AND weekend road trips! We've made weird road tips - like Sunday and Monday - for the past 3 years. Traveling again when everyone else is off work and we can visit is going to be fun, I think.

A week after I posted about my love affair with Snow Bowl, it snowed on the mountains. Precisely 2 weeks after the turn of summer to fall, we had snow up there. None down here, of course. ... Now it's all melted and I'm sad because for the few days it was there I really enjoyed seeing it. But there will be PLENTY of time this winter to enjoyed the snow-capped peaks, I'm sure!

Are you drinking enough water? I am trying so very hard to drink enough water. I should probably get some right now. You should too.


The Browns said...

Wow! Are you psychic? I totally need water right now! i love this post! Random is good! YAY for Ted on not working Saturdays! And you totally deserve the Nobel over Obama! I like how Yahoo put it...he got it on a promise! He gets this amazing award because he promises the "Change"...scary.

Jewel said...

This post made me laugh, because it completely reminds me of exactly how my mind works--random at best. :) Yes, I will go get a glass of water right now, too. I've been quite dehydrated lately.

Heather said...

My brother tore his meniscus in high school football and had to have surgery. It was pretty sucky at the time for him, but I don't think he really has any problems now. So! I hope Ted does not have a torn meniscus and have to have surgery, but if he does, at least it'll be fixed!

Zits in the nostril are THE worst. Josh had one just last week and it drove him crazy, too. Maybe it's an epidemic?

Yay for having Saturdays off! I really really hate when I, or the people I want to be with, have to work on Saturdays.

The way you always describe your baking and cooking and everything else home-related makes me want to come live by you and hang out with you during the day doing homey things and being entertained by sweet Gwenna. Wouldn't that be nice? Or is my stalker love for you creeping you out? (I took the risk in confessing that when you said that the lady cheek kiss didn't creep you out.)

Water drunk.

kelly said...

Heather nothing (I think...) you could ever say would creep me out. Ha! - to the lady kiss. Ted asked me last night, "Who at my work kissed you??" When I told him, he didn't seem surprised.

Please DO come to my house. We're going to make cookies today. Well, I am. Gwenna is going to take all her royalty (4 toys that are part of a bigger toy... kids lives are so complex!) on a tour of the living room and kitchen for the 400th time - 2 in her right hand, one in her left, and one in her mouth. I hope the king doesn't fall again.