We're keeping busy.

There is always lots to do between raising a 15 month old baby, working, and going to school. But in the in between times, we're keeping busy doing lots of fun things.

Like making cookies to send to friends.

And having a ton of fun while doing it! ...

Maybe too much fun.

Don't worry, the mixer was unplugged.

And the measuring cup was sugar coated. She's not just gnawing away at plastic. She knows what's up!

We've also been getting kind of musical. Ted actually doesn't know how to play either of the instruments he holds. But they are his...

... And he and Gwenna have a lot of fun making silly sounding music. Try as she may, though, Gwenna cannot get any sound to come out of the harmonica.

Also, Gwenna has found a new love in helium balloons.

At a chopping 99 cents a balloon, this is becoming the new play thing of choice. They're fleeting - as they begin to deflate within 24 hours if they're latex rather than the foily kind - but Gwenna LOVES them so indulge her occasionally.

We were all finally immunized today. Just the H1N1 vaccine, not the seasonal flu shot. Gwenna will hopefully be getting her seasonal flu shot at her 15 month doctor appointment in a week. I have no idea when they'll be available for Ted and me but I hope it will be soon. The last thing I can bare this winter is being cooped up in the house with Gwenna and Olivia AND us being sick. Being home with my girls, I don't mind. Being home sick? That would be the pits!

So as for the vaccination - in case anyone was wondering - it hurts. It hurt more than a regular shot and I think, personally, more than a regular flu shot. But that might have just been the intense force with which the nurse JABBED our arms and leg. Seriously, it was hard! It was, however, over before I really realized it happened.

In case you think going to get your 15 month old daughter her first hair cut a couple hours after getting her first flu shot is a good idea, I'm here to tell you it is not. Too many "firsts" really negate the fun any individual first could inspire. And by that I mean her hair cut was so traumatizing that by time we got the flu shot, it wasn't even fun. ... Ok, so I'm kidding. It was the other way around.

All things considered, I'm really glad we went to get Gwenna's hair cut today. It was starting to fall in her eyes and tickle her face and since I can't get this girl to keep a clip in her hair to save her life, it just really needed to be cut. And don't worry, I am well aware that touching her precious curls would be a sin of the greatest measure so they are entirely in tact. Thank goodness! There was only one other woman at the salon while we were there and I'm so glad. Gwenna wailed the whole time. We're talking, tears, boogers, squirming... My mom pointed out that she probably thought she was going to get another shot, being held and semi-restrained, so someone could do something foreign to her. It's so awesome that I considered all this prior to setting our appointments up for today. Darn Ted's 1 regular day off and trying to cram everything into it we can!!

Currently Gwenna is mowing down on a big pear. I needed to get something in her system to counteract the half a bog of Skittles I used to calm her after her firsts today.

I'm such a good mom, I make myself envious.


Casey said...

It DID hurt!! I don't remember my arm ever being that sore after a flu shot. Poor little one! And can I just say that I can't believe that Olivia is almost here. When did that happen?

Bre said...

Guess how good of a mom I am-my kids also got their flu shots today, on top of that Peyton got 4, yes 4 other shots for his check up. He was not happy. So he got to go to Kmart and pick any candy he wanted, and then for dinner he ate chocolate ice cream with the candy he chose on top. I am so awesome.