Videos of Gwenna at 14 Months

Below are videos of Gwenna, making me quite the mommy blogger. I'm not insisting that everyone watch these 20-30 second gems, they're mostly here for the grandmas and aunts. BUT in my defense (and Gwenna's) they are pretty precious.

Just a little overview:

First, Gwenna dancing to Baby Neptune. She loves to spin, bounce, clap, and just dance any way she can. It also has a little bonus at the end when Gwenna pulls out her favorite word: Oops!

D a r n, I ruined the surprise ending.

Second is Ted spinning Gwenna around. She will do this until she falls over and can't stand up. Today she fell down and got up 4 times while Ted was recovering, slumped over against the wall, and she still screamed for his hand to spin more. She's INSANE about spinning.

Third and last we have Ted and Gwenna earlier today just being silly. Gwenna doesn't say a lot of words (about 6 or 7 tops) but she sure has the intonation of what she's intending. It's silly and I love it.



Amy Sprinkle said...

These videos remind me of ones when I was little and my sister and I were running around crazy like and then trying to do a puppet show with my dad. It was funny. Gwenna will probably enjoy these later in life as well.

Amy Sprinkle said...

And by the way, it's not just you, your little girl does look like she is growing up! She is a cutie too!

mary watts said...

I LOVE the overalls!

Shauni said...

The first time I read this line, "Darn, I ruined the surprise ending," I didn't really see the space between the r and the n, so I thought you were saying a swear word, just spelled wrong. I thought, "Really?" Then I looked a little closer and realized my mistake! lol :)

Jewel said...

SO funny! I love your daughter. I want to meet her.

Heather said...

There goes the spinning and the nausea again. I am a freak. But your daughter is adorable.

Whitney said...

Ohhh...she is so sweet!