THAT room

Can everyone just take a second to acknowledge THAT room? - You know the room I'm talking about (you just don't know you know yet).

The one that, for every other room in your house to get clean, this one gets worse.

The one that you probably cleaned first but when you cleaned every other room, or even just a couple, a whole bunch of junk ended up back in THAT room.

The one that people see the least, in all likelihood.

You know. THAT room.

I hate THAT room. Actually, I don't really hate that room, I hate that I treat it like THAT room, though. And I really believe that you have one too so this is why I think you can commiserate with me.

I wish THAT room could stay clean. But, like I said, no one ever sees it, really. I do. Ted does. Gwenna does. But, we live here! Ideally, THAT room would stay clean and tidy all the time but it just doesn't work out that way.

Before Gwenna was born, THAT room was her room. Before my brother moved in and after he moved out (a 1 semester layover), Gwenna's room was totally THAT room. Even after my brother left, it was a nice space but it became a dumping ground until people would come visit and need the bed or something along those lines.

Then Gwenna was born, I'd long since cleaned up my act and nested it up real good, and THAT room was on the move. Now THAT room is not Gwenna's room and it bugs me.

So here is my pledge, to try to make THAT room a little less cluttery, a little less of a dumping ground, and pay a little more attention. I don't have that many rooms in my house to begin with. I really can't afford to sacrifice any of them.


The Browns said...

I totally hear you on that! I hate my dumping ground room! And unfortunately Ben has one too. So we have 2 cluttered horrible rooms! I hate it!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Oh yes. THAT room. We have one, too. And I hate it, too. I try to stay out of there most of the day, but seeing how I sleep there it is somewhat unavoidable. Maybe one day I'll conquer it. And when I say "it" I really mean myself than the room...since I'm the one who is mainly resposible for its appearance. You know what I mean?