Minication to Prescott

I love my husband so much.

Do I make that clear on this blog? I feel I make it clear in our home.

Yesterday morning ... wait, back up a little more. Tuesday I finally cleaned my tile floors. I'd been putting it off, maybe for just a day and a half or so, but that was when I finally committed to doing it. It hadn't been done in almost a week. Yuck! But really, it's a big task when you're this pregnant! I don't mind doing it because I love clean floors, it's just a big undertaking.

By Tuesday night, friends, no joke, you couldn't tell. Between the beginnings of the snow and the mess from dinner it was like it never even happened. That is SO discouraging. Especially when it takes so much work and I love my floors being clean so much. ... As I was meandering up to bed Tuesday night, I mumbled to myself, "I'm too dang pregnant to be cleaning the floors twice a week anymore!" Really, I didn't even think my husband could hear me.

Then come Wednesday morning, Ted got out of bed at 6.15. He promptly reported to the lower level of our home whilst I slumbered. He unloaded the dishwasher and filled it. He hand washed the things that wouldn't or couldn't go in the dishwasher. He straightened up the kitchen. He picked up all Gwenna's toys and made the living room pretty again, even the throw pillows on the couch. And in case you were wondering, he swept too. And mopped.

He is amazing! I have the best husband in the whole world. He goes to school, he volunteers at the hospital, he goes to work, he comes home and busts his hinnie (no correct spelling for that word) with homework and then, on his morning off, he wakes up early to help me. Are you impressed with this man? Well, you should be. I am. Daily. I LOVE my husband!

To top it off, when Gwenna and I tip toed downstairs (not even knowing if he'd be down there or at the gym - he was THAT quiet while cleaning), he said, "I think it's time for a minication. Let's go to Prescott for the day." Ted called in for his volunteer shift at the hospital so we could take a day trip. I know, he just. gets. better.

Two hours later, after oatmeal brulee for breakfast (I had to make something tasty for this man!) and getting ready for the day, we were out the door. 10 minutes later Gwenna was snoozing, snuggled up in her car seat and Ted and I were loving our car time. Car time is the best time for talking and dreaming and having fun. At least for us, I think.

We thought we'd be avoiding the first snow of the season in Flagstaff by heading over an hour south and 2,500 feet lower in elevation. But we were wrong. It snowed there too. It was cold there too. But our first stop, at the Hotel St. Michael Bistro warmed us up. Creamy potato, prosciutto, and mushroom soup and a turkey, havarti, and watercress sandwich on a home made croissant. I'd go into more details (oh yes, I can) but I don't want my computer to undergo water damage from my drool.

Then we decided to walk around a bit, window shop and what not, before heading to the Prescott Gateway Mall, which I had never been to before. Well we saw a sign for old timey wild west sort of pictures. I pointed it out to Ted, who immediately insisted we go do it. So we did.

I've done this twice before, when I was young. Once with my mom and once with my dad (isn't everything double fun for a child of divorce??) but this was the most fun one yet! Gwenna was such a riot. I thought for sure there was no way this man, this older sort of cowboy-ish gentleman, could make my child look at the camera, let alone smile. Yet the archives of photos we had to pick through when we were done proved otherwise. He was good! He had a feather boa (NOT on his person) and he'd swing it up towards her right before he took the picture and she just loved it. It was awesome.

One of our backgrounds was behind a bar with poker chips and cards (the one we went with) and Gwenna kept putting entire poker chips in her mouth. It actually freaked me out a little, but she was fine and it was funny.

Most of the rest of the day was pretty run of the mill stuff. We visited the mall, let Gwenna play in the indoor play area, drove around and looked at some residential areas since we are thinking we might like to move to Prescott after Ted is done with school. Wait, did I say it was run of the mill? Ok, I lied.

Hobby Lobby. Have you been there? It is SO dangerous. I don't care if you don't like to scrapbook, craft, knit, sew, do floral arrangements or decorate cakes... there is seriously something there for everyone. It is a bad, bad, good, wonderful, terrible place where you could spend your life savings.

But we didn't. That's the thing. 75% of the things we bought were 50% off. All things to finish up Christmas presents for our 9 siblings. I'm excited.

Point being: Hobby Lobby is reason enough to entice me to move to Prescott or, at the very least, return for another minication. And it's conveniently located next to a Country Inn & Suites - a line of hotels which we enjoy.

Back to the point and the wrap up: I have THE most amazing husband. He takes the best care of me and goes far out of his way to keep his wife very happy. When you get married, you like to think you know the person you're marrying very, very well. And really, if you don't, you probably shouldn't be getting married. But over time and as years pass, the best part about being married is how you learn to appreciate and love your spouse more and more. I can't touch upon that enough. Ted makes it vividly clear to me, regularly, that the best is ALWAYS yet to come, even when I think I already have it.

Oh, and I didn't take a single picture all day, until the car ride home, when Gwenna was eating an apple in her car seat... because I always get a kick out of Gwenna's little head as compared to a regular sized apple, and her tiny little teeth (6 now) marks.

But we do have one souvenir photo from the day. Enjoy!


Heather said...

LOVE your perspective on marriage. Ted is mighty impressive indeed.

kelly said...

It's an ever evolving concept. I seriously still feel like I just got married yesterday sometimes.

mary watts said...

Love the picture and you are right that guy did get a great smile out of her....too bad he didn't think to hide those HUGE feet!

Jewel said...

I LOVE that picture!! And can I rent Ted? just for a morning or so? :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

Several thoughts:
1. Your musings on Ted make me think of all Wes has done for in the past day or so. It is truly awesome (and I love seeing him smile at his little girl!)

2. My grandparents live in Prescott! You could have visited them!

3. Being born at 7lbs 4oz Sophia is going to be HUGE compared to little Olivia by then! (I am impressed at her size with my little stomach that measured 36 only yesterday) 4 days until your doctor's appointment!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

I still cant get over how much I LOVE that picture or how much I LOVE Gwenna! If I wasn't busy with my own two kiddos, I'd steal her from you! :) That age has been my favorite so far (though Ive said that at everu age with Hayley)

kelly said...

Jewel - No, for two reasons: 1. He would be no use to me if he used up all his usefulness at your house and 2. you can't afford him ;)

Amy - I'd GLADLY visit your grandparents in Prescott. - Just as I'd gladly visit your parents in Phoenix!
Wes is going to be an awesome papa... er um, I'm sure he IS an awesome papa. Can't BELIEVE Sophia is here! ... She is the same length as Gwenna but Gwenna was 5 lb 12 oz... I bet Sophia is adorable! What color hair?! Post pictures!!!

Suz - Every age is my favorite but right now is especially good. I concur.

Amy Sprinkle said...

The pictures are up.
However, pictures never do a baby justice. Babies are just so much cuter in person.

Heather said...

Can your family be any cuter? Um, no! What a fun outing, love the old west picture with Gwenna's magnetic grin and you are blessed Kelly, truly blessed and I love that you know it!

Casey said...

Really, one of the best things you guys have ever done, cuz that picture is PRICELESS!