It's a process.

Learning to eat with utensils is real tough business. I've been doing it for almost 25 years now so I don't really speak from experience, as I don't remember learning how. But from all accounts in our house, it's tough!

Tonight though Gwenna did a great job with her mashed sweet potatoes. They're pretty sticky so I think that helped and built her confidence a little.

It started off shaky and she had a rough go of getting any food onto the spoon at all.

But she was eventually successful!

Once she got it on the spoon though, it seemed she wasn't sure where the spoon should go.

Naturally, as most things go with Gwenna, it had to be on or over the head. Not correct, but a valiant effort.

And then it clicked! The spoon, as it does when there is no food on it it, goes into the mouth. By George, I think she's got it!

Still not quite a pro but she is getting much better.

Now the fork is another challenge all together, one that is going to take much more time to master. That's a challenge for another day.


Heather said...

Baby genius, I tell you!

And really, those little curls at the back of her head are ridiculously cute.

mary watts said...

Just a mom note. Utensils are easier to use when the food is in a bowl.

Jewel said...

Wow. I just love her. Her red hair, blue eyes, adorable little look when she's concentrating really hard...I want to meet her someday. Is that allowed?

kelly said...

Pfh! Bowls are for sissies and people who have had 5 kids and know what they're doing! Besides, we tried that. She emptied the bowl on the tray and tossed it on the floor. Baby steps.

Jewel, yes, it's SO allowed. First time you're in Flagstaff or the next time we're in Snowflake, it's practically a done deal :)

mary watts said...

I prefer seasoned professional!

Lindsey said...

Oh my heck, those pigtails are to DIE FOR...too too cute!