An Introduction

Meet Fish.

Or, rather, I should say FEEEEEEEEsssshhhYYY.

We decided it was only right to let Gwenna name her pet. Unfortunately, she knows about 10 words. I'll list them for you.

Uh oh
Dada/Daddy (depending on the amount of desperation)
ShaShae (We interpret this to be a variation of Tony Chachere)

... I said about 10, meaning around 10... I'm sure there are a couple more than just those but really, not many.

So, back to Fish.

Gwenna picked out fish (kinda) and she is going to be responsible for feeding him (should I lose all control of my arms and she instantly ages three years).

Gwenna totally digs Fish.

She WAILED when I plucked his poor contorted bag out of her tiny fingers baring SHARP finger nails. I was quite concerned for Fish.

But now he's safely in his Premium Fish Bowl, happy as a clam, that is a fish.

Gwenna does feel a need to be close to Fish. I can't blame her; he is her pet, after all.

I think Fish is going to like it here.

If he doesn't freeze downstairs at night (it's currently 35 degrees are 9.30 pm)...
Or get snatched out of his bowl by a tiny hand...
Or tipped onto the floor...
Or over or underfed....

Ok, so there's a lot of room for improvement. It's not the "ideal living situation" for poor Fish the fish.

But really, he makes Gwenna SO happy.

I have a feeling Fish is about to become my best friend... or worst enemy.

Definitely one or the other.


Ted said...

Yeah for a pet again!!! I have missed having a pet in our home and since I personally haven't ever in my life had a pet fish this is an exciting time for me and Gwenna!!

Thank you Kelly for letting us get FISH!

Heather said...

Go fish!

Heeeey, that wasn't even on purpose, I promise. That was meant to be more of a "Woot woot for having fish!" but I just typed "go fish" and I realized that it was sort of a funny pun, so I left it.

You are totally right. I am so weird.

Amy Sprinkle said...

We once had a suicidal goldfish. It kept jumping out of the fish bowl.

I'm sure Fish is much more well adjusted than that.

amber said...

What a cute idea to get Gwenna a fish, she looks so happy!