a heart to heart with the unborn

I can't believe we're been together now for 34 weeks. That's a long time, little girl. Only 6 more weeks to go. How has time passed so quickly? I really have enjoyed our time together. I hope you have too.

Last night your dad gave you a good pep talk. You see, at our doctor appointment yesterday we were a little disappointed. Not by you. Don't worry! But do you remember about 4 weeks ago when the doctor took our measurements and you were bigger than expected? That was SO exciting! But then, for whatever reason, you just stopped getting bigger. So here we are at 34 weeks and you're still weighing in at your formerly amazing 31.

Now, we love you regardless; that's a given. But if you could just grow a little more, that would be great. We're going to check back in two weeks from now and have an ultrasound, just to say hi, but it would be great if between now and then you could just get a liiiiittle bigger. Just for your sake. It's a cold place out here! I know you think the world is nice and toasty, and for you, where you are now, it is! (- So I'd imagine...) But when you're born, in the beginning of December... well, trust me, you're going to wish you had put on a little extra chub.

We're getting REALLY excited to meet you up close and in person. Your big sister Gwenna is going to (attempt to) help us take really good care of you. Shortly after you're born Dad won't even have to go to school for a couple weeks and we'll all get to stay home in our toasty house and play together all day. See? It's going to be super fun when you get here. We can't wait!

And don't forget your dad's pep talk from last night. He's pretty awesome at encouraging his girls to grow.

I love you, I love you, I love you!