Gwenna's New Tricks

Gwenna, as a baby, learns and grows every day. Well, ideally, we all should, but Gwenna's learning is more obvious and photo worthy. Here are some things she's been learning to do lately. Some good, some bad (thanks, Ted) and some just normal baby learning.

Gwenna has learned:

All the good toys are all the bottom.
SO! Take them all out and then -
HOIST yourself almost into the toy box to pull the good ones out.

Toys she hasn't played with in months, waiting right there at the bottom.

Gwenna is also learning how to be a big sister. I call her Cabbage Patch doll Olivia. She puts Olivia in her infant carrier and feeds Olivia her bottle. Olivia's mouth doesn't open quite wide enough for Gwenna's liking though so sometimes she shakes her when the bottle doesn't fit. Hmmm... This could get interesting.

Dad's big sippy (i.e. Nalgene bottle) is something that Gwenna loves to play with. Naturally, Olivia should love it, too!

And finally, as eluded to earlier, a bad habit. Gwenna LOVES her belly. She loves to slap it with her palm and find her belly button and she especially loves other people's bellies. But her diaper sometimes gets in the way of her belly button and her belly playing. Ted helped her figure out that she can take it off!

Thanks, honey!

First the stairs, now the diaper...


The Browns said...

Oh no! I hate it when they figure out how to take the diaper off!! Ben has a nephew who liked to play with his belly button so much that he turned his innie into an outie. Needless to say, we've discouraged the belly button playing as much as possible!
I love the toy box story! Awesome! =]

Heather said...

Oh, I just get all tickled inside every time I imagine Gwenna slapping her belly. That is just so funny to me.

kelly said...

Gwenna LOVES her belly! ... And Heidi, rest assured, Gwenna has not taken her diaper off since this incident - thank goodness! Of course the only thing that means is that she's waiting to do it at a more ideal time - like in the grocery store, on a road trip when she's poopy, when we're visiting Ted are school for lunch... you know, the perfect moment. ;)