specific recipients

For the grandmas, both first and greats; Ted, who is at work; the Heathers (yes, both) because they almost always comment on Gwenna pictures; and for me so I don't forget how sweet my little girl was at 13 months.

Anyone else, too. But mostly for those above.

A little less talk and a lot more pictures.

Gwenna tried to pull her hoodie over her head the other day once she decided she didn't want it on anymore and it made for a funny shot.

This girl has a serious love for her staw sippys.

"No autographs, please." Oh, talking for Gwenna is the best.

After her bath last night Gwenna's hair was a little crazy.

Apparently she thought so too!

And just to keep you up to date - taken on Sunday, but essentially the 27 week belly shot -

- which is better sitting down, it seems.

Believe it or not, I popped out all at once. And I'm carrying higher with Olivia than I did was Gwenna and starting to understand why pregnant women complain about shortness of breath. Hello, foot, arm, or head bumping my lungs!


Heather said...

I've totally done that with my hoodies before, too. Gwenna and I - kindred spirits we are. Ridiculously cute kindred spirits. And that pregnant belly is just about all the cuteness I can handle today. Thanks for the fix!

Amy Sprinkle said...

It's either that or the punching of the bladder. Both are about just as awful.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

Ditto! Breathing gets really hard. My baby has finally dropped (does that mean he'll be here before my due date? :) and so it makes it a bit easier but my sister's and I are singing in church and when we practiced, I literally have to breath once a measure. Who decided we needed to sing right before my baby comes out?!!
And also, my favorite posts are ones filled with that lovely blue eyed, red hair girly in them. :) So thanks for making me smile.

Heather said...

I am assuming I am one of the Heathers. So one comment coming right up! (I love comments and you always oblige :)

Um, not fair that Gwenna has darling curls in the back! I hope my little one(s), or at least one get some of my wave/curl. And you my friend, have a cute belly! Glad you popped!

Christi said...

What a cute lil pregnant girl you are! And I love Gwenna's cute curls!!

katie said...

i'm really loving the blue dress. where did you get it?

Jewel said...

Really. Adorable. Both you and Gwenna. Thank you for sharing!!