Recent Happenings and the Like

We've really been enjoying our new stroller. But, to be honest, I feel almost silly taking Gwenna for walking in it alone. It is WAY too long for one seat and looks strange if you have both in and one kid...

Since our friend Jane went away to the Grand Canyon with her visiting sister and left poor husband Seth and baby Grace all alone to fend for themselves, we thought we'd give Seth a little down time (being new to the stay at home dad game, and all) and seize the opportunity to fill our stroller.

The girls liked it. We put Gwenna in facing the world (see previous rant about babies needing to face out in shopping carts, etc.) and Grace facing us - about how we imagine we'll do it once Olivia is big enough to be out of her infant seat and sit in the regular stroller seat. It worked out really well... except that these two pretty girls are both in about the 15th percentile for their height, and Grace is 3 months older than Gwenna. They played footsie for a while. But they seemed to like playing that way so who am I to complain?

Switching gears: Have you heard of hungry girl? It's a website (started by a hungry girl!) with great low calorie recipes that do their darnedest not to sacrifice flavor. I like this website because I have to eat all day, these days. We're talking every 2 hours or so and if it's 3, I'm starving by time I eat. Finding healthy ways to eat what I really like appeals to me.

Recently I received an email from hungry girl with a recipe for taquitos. I have a strange affinity for taquitos. Did you know I didn't eat any beef or pork (no cow or pig) for about 11 years? So the fact that I sometimes now crave beef taquitos is kind of strange to me.

This recipe was for chicken taquitos, using canned chicken. I'm a big advocate of canned chicken. I really do love it. I'm almost due for another trip to Sam's to pick up another 5-pack. Well, I didn't really dig their recipe but I knew if I stuck to the amounts of cheese and salsa, I could pretty much play around however I wanted and have the same caloric benefits.

So I mixed my canned chicken with verde salsa, green chilis, and meduim cheddar cheese. (Anyone interested in the recipe?) They were super tasty! Ted said, "The thing I noticed about how these differ from frozen taquitos was that they weren't filled with grease when I bit into them." I'd say that's a good sign! We both enjoyed them.

And in the beginning, Gwenna seemed to enjoy them as well.

But that enjoyment quickly turned to disdain and then full on hatred.

She ended up eating raisins (a new found love that used to be a hate) and bananas for dinner. So be it! Who am I to fight the taste buds of a 14 month old?

As a side note, Gwenna's meat was mixed only with cheese. I may like to encourage her to try new things - and she does, regularly - but salsa and green chilis are a little out of her comfort zone right now.

Finally, I guess you could say another theme in our house lately is growth. I'm growing out (boy am I EVER!), Gwenna is growing UP and Ted is growing his brain. He is working so very hard on his classes this semester despite an instructor from you-know-where and a crazy schedule that is out to kill him. But he is doing awesome and we're going to make it through this semester. We used to have a theory, before Ted graduated, that you could make it through anything that only lasted a semester. This fall term has been trying that theory, stretching it every which way, and trying to make liars out of us. We're still doing well, though.

So in honor of our growing, I wanted to post a picture of Gwenna that I thought was representative of growth.

Even though there is a pacifier in her mouth, she looks so huge to me here! She was wearing footie pajamas that were twice as large as they should be so when she woke up, started playing, and did the splits, Ted took them off of her. She roamed around most of this morning in her birthday suit with the beautifully accessorized Mickey Mouse diaper. ... I digress... she's growing, I'm growing, we're all growing! It's a good thing, but time sure does fly. ... Well, for Gwenna it does. Ted's semester seems to be another story!


Ted said...

i saw Gwenna this morning when i took the GIANT pjs off her and she wasn't that big! What did you do? feed her those expanding foam animal pills and soak her water! holy cow!!!

The Browns said...

lol! Yes, Gwenna is getting way too big! =] I knew Elizabeth was growing up when she was sitting on chairs or stairs with no problem all by herself, then I realized she wasn't my baby anymore! Funny about the green chilis and salsa, Elizabeth has always loved those!
OH and one more thing, I'm going go DISNEYLAND!!!

Amy Sprinkle said...

Those foam animal pills probably did the trick, but they were probably the dinosaur ones.

'Garrett's mom' said...

First off - I HAVE to have that taquito recipe! I hate the frozen taquitos, and those sound yummy! (that's from the below post, I'm a little slow at catching up)
Second, you are so cute prego!!!! I love it!

Jewel said...

Those taquitos sound really good right now. I'm having issues with the eating all the time--I'm still that way, and I"m not pregnant anymore! I am nursing, which could be affecting my appetite, but still. Really?