Pregnancy Update

Because some people use this as a source of information on our lives (shocking, I know) I thought I'd give a little update as to what's going on with my pregnancy.

I had my 28 week appointment today and things are going really well. Things that have been checked recently include the possibility of adjusting my due date and my hormone levels in relation to the thyroid medication that I was put on. Well, my due date is STAYING, it's still December 2 and we're thrilled about that. I'm measuring in at 27 weeks, which is just perfect for where I am.

Also, my thyroid is now in the "normal" range and I have started gaining weight. I certainly could have told them that based solely on how I've felt as of late. I don't actually know how much because I don't know where I started (I'll find out in 2 weeks, I'm sure) but I think it was more significant than I was expecting over the last month. Oh well. So, the good news out of that is that the medication is, technically, effective and we're both (Olivia and I) healthy!

I also got the paperwork for my gestational diabetes (GD) test, which will happen next Monday. I'm seeing the doctor every two weeks now, rather than every month, since I'm in my last trimester. How did THAT happen?! This pregnancy sure is going by quickly! Anyway, the good news about this GD test is that isn't not a full out fasting test like my first GD test, with Gwenna. I just have to abstain from food and drink for 2 hours prior. That's awesome because last time was terrible, having to stop eating after dinner the night before the test and then my test for pushed back a few hours and I was SO hungry! This should be better. While I am a little tired of being poked with needles (this is blood test # 4 for this pregnancy) I will be done when this one is done. So let's hope it's conclusive and I don't have to go back for a second round.

Really, that's about it. How about some Gwenna cuteness because this post is kind of boring? I'm all for it!
Isn't she SO cute? Gosh, I sure love that little pumpkin. Not that she's little anymore... just in my mind she's still little. She still looks like this in my mind:Seriously, to me, that's how I still think of Gwenna from time to time. She was a month and a half old when this picture was taken. She was so tiny! And she's not anymore. But we'll have another tiny one soon. ... Does that sound terrible? "Oh, Gwenna's too big now, need more tiny!" - Not how it was intended to sound, but it is nice to have another tiny baby on the way. You can't beat that tiny baby goodness.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. I do too much of that! This was supposed to be an update. The pictures were just a bonus!


Amy Sprinkle said...

Good luck with the GD test. I was glad at my Dr's office they just pricked my finger. (Otherwise they might have ended up with a passed out pregnant lady!)I am glad things are under control. Gwenna is an adorable little girl. She and Olivia will be so much fun!

Heather said...

I love the reminiscing, man. We can never get too much of the Gwenna cuteness.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

I've played some catch up on your blog and thoroughly enjoyed myself! A few weeks ago I made two batches of the freezer salsa you posted and I love it! Tonight I gave that recipe and the mango salsa one to my friend. I'm sure she'll love it too.

Keep on growin' that baby in there! I can't believe how hilarious Gwenna is with the whole taking her pants off bit. Awesome.

Heather said...

Hooray for the 3rd trimester! I hope you pass with flying colors on your test.

Jewel said...

Oh, boy, I've missed you!!! I'm glad you're doing better--pregnancies are so magical, but at the same time, they're sure a whole lot of work, too! And Gwenna is adorable!! thank you for sharing!!

Adam and Dani said...

You should hold out for December 4th.