A Letter to Gwenna's Closet

Dear Food Storage,

I love you so much! I love that last Sunday I was able to raid you for tomato sauce I bought weeks and weeks ago so that Ted could have the dinner he wanted. I love that last night, when I was out of cream of chicken soup in my kitchen, I was able to turn to you and find just what I needed.

I know it sounds silly, but I even love that you're housed in Gwenna's closet (taking up less than half!) because all my fabulous supplies are so out of the way. Ted built these shelves to house all my storage needs and I could not ask for a better system.

I look forward to continuing to stock needed items so that when I run out of trash bags, baby wipes, and dish soap on the same blustery January day (or some similar combination, without doubt), I won't even consider braving the elements with a 1 month old baby and an 18 month old. Oh it's good to be prepared!

You house long term storage needs like flour, dehydrated fruit, and rice. You shelter my cans of refried beans, chicken, peaches, jars of apple sauce, and boxes of instant potatoes. If Ted ever runs out of cereal in the morning, he knows just where to turn. Out of light bulbs? NEVER! Nor dish detergent, laundry soap, face wash, or deodorant. Life is good because you're around. Never a need unanswered... until there is and then that gets added to the stash.

Thanks for taking care of my family!



carrielyshous said...

I love this heart felt letter. I'd write one myself- maybe to my car trunk? It's my storage unit at the moment :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

We have decided as well to stock up on deoderant type items. If you aren't able to purchase things, you want your health needs (and grooming needs!) taken care of!

Heather said...

Nice. I was just thinking where on earth I am going to move all the cases of mason jars I have stowed in the babies' closet. We need room!

PS: Baby Jogger wins for me hands down. Send me an email with your research and I will share mine. gunnhp@hotmail.com

The Browns said...

Awesome! Isn't it GREAT to be prepared???? I love it!! I was able to raid our storage for jelly and spaghetti sauce recently! It was like YOINK!!!