Lessons I learned from babies and animals

This past weekend Ted, Gwenna, and I went to Phoenix to spend some time with family and meet the newest cousin in Gwenna's generation in the Crowder family, Elizabeth Ann. She is girl #3 in a group of now 12 grandchildren... the numbers are on the rise!

I thought I'd like to share some pictures from the events but couldn't come up with a catchy way to do it, so I thought I'd try this. Bear with me!

While in the valley, the three of us went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was fun but hot and so we didn't spend a lot of time there. While we were there, Gwenna took a liking to the warthogs. There were monkeys, lions, tigers, meer cats, elephants... lots of differnt animals to like. Gwenna liked the warthogs.

This made me think that even things we don't see as beautiful can still be awesome. Last night I was thinking about beauty and the giraffe popped into my head. God made the giraffe like that on purpose. It's so silly looking! - but it's still quite graceful, very beautiful. ... And the warthog. Well, it's not really beautiful but it's still a creature of God and therefore awesome. This is what I've learned from the warthog.

That and (reference above picture), when eating, get as close to your food as you can.

From the turtle I learned to take some time to bask in the sun. It was so hot and I tried very hard not to complain. The turtles seemed to LOVE lazing around in the sun. I need to appreciate that more. ... Maybe next year. It's fall in Flagstaff, now!

On Sunday my family (a lot of them) congregated at my sister Niki's house. My mom brought bubbles for Gwenna and she and her cousin Tommy got the biggest kick out of them! It made me happy to see them swat at and play with the bubbles. Such a simple thing but it brought so much happiness.

Oh dear. What can we learn from Gwenna climbing into Niki's dog's cage while Tommy enjoyed slamming the door shut. It was strange, but they both liked it! It reminds me a little bit of back when Gwenna was real small and I would bring everything I needed into my living room, creating a sort of nest, so whatever I needed would never be far. I liked it. Maybe that's what Gwenna was thinking - creating her little happy space? Anyway, they played together nicely and that's what matters.

My mom spun and spun these two around in a chair and they just giggled and giggled! I took a video of it and it was too precious. I watched as they giggled and begged (in their own baby way) to be spun again. I don't think I can forget this moment. It was too precious. This reinforced something I've been telling myself from the time Gwenna was very young: Enjoy the small moments. Just a little thing, spinning around in a chair. I was glad I got to be part of it though.

Oh Elizabeth. She really is a sweet baby. Pretty calm, good napper... I mean, you really can't ask for much more, right? Babies can teach us a hundred things so from Elizabeth I'm just going to take the lesson of blocking out the noise. She slept through two toddles and 4 adults scurrying around and playing loudly. Wish I could do that sometimes. I can't nap anymore. Sometimes because of the noise in my neighborhood but most of the time because of the noise in my head. I have a lot of noise in my head these days. Babies don't. I need to be more like a baby.


mary watts said...

I love the bubble picture. It makes me remember the squeals from Gwenna and Tommy while I was blowing the bubbles and that make me smile!

Heather said...

I get nauseous sooo easily (SOO EASILY), and I kid you not - when I read the story of the spinning chair, I got a little nauseous. This problem may be in my head. Nevertheless, it is real.