I guess you could say we have a history

Aahhh... the changing colors of Flagstaff on Flagstaff's very own Snow Bowl in the San Francisco Peaks. We kind of have a history, Snow Bowl, Ted and I. We've been visiting the mountain every year for the changing colors for 4 years now. It's a favorite past time. Who can resist the beauty of changing Aspens?

The first time we ventured up was for a specific purpose. I needed to create a digital storybook for my Educational Technology class and I decided an adventure in the pines would be the best story I could tell. Ted and I drove up and spent a couple hours playing around and taking pictures. The story turned out great.

Our second trip in 2006 was a fun Sunday jaunt after church, not long before we were married. The colors were really popping and it was so beautiful. I think this is when I really fell in love... you know, with the changing colors, not my husband. I already loved him.

The following year we went to Snow Bowl with friends Lisa and Craig Hardy to take some family pictures. It was, of course, the perfect time of year. Buddy always loved Snow Bowl and hiking around there and this time was no exception.

I remember, after this trip, that I wanted a new camera so bad. I didn't end up getting my beauty of a camera for another 14 months or so. It was SO worth the wait but I wish I had had it then.

2008 took us up the mountain in September for Gwenna's first good hike. She slept through the entire thing in true Gwenna fashion. Of course, she was only about 6 weeks old.

It was the first time we had gone all the way up for a hike, well, at least about as far as you can drive. We normally stopped at the first aspen clearing because there are great trails there. I always feel something magical at that first clearing. There's something clean and cool and crisp and magical in the air. Maybe it's all the silliness I invented for my digital storytelling after the first time we went up... maybe it's memories from when we were engaged. No matter what the reason, I just love it! But this hike was great too. It was a really good feeling to get back hiking after having Gwenna. Made me feel much less frumpy and flabby. Ted was very good after Gwenna's birth about making sure I had chances to keep active.

I love Gwenna's little head peeking out of the carrier in the picture above. Her sweet woven hat that would never fit her in a million years now and her little limp arms... so many good memories on this mountain.

Our most recent trip took place today. Ted came home after a couple hours at work, helping on his day off with some interviews, and said "Let's be sporatic... I mean spontaneous. Let's go up to Snow Bowl and see the leaves and have a picnic." All the leaves have been changing down here so we figured the leaves would be changing all over the mountain. I love it when Ted wants to be sporatic - I mean spontaneous - and I'm actually in the mood for it. I have a terrible way of being cumbered about by everything I have to do at home and leaving little room for surprises. But today was just right for a trip.

Gwenna sure loved it. She loves anywhere she can pick up loads of sticks and enjoy nature. She loves to hike down the trails with her Mama on one side and her Papa on the other, both holding her hands. There are few things I enjoy doing more with my family than walking and hiking. It's good quality time together.

Isn't my husband SO handsome? Ted told me last night, "You make my heart throb" - in a true 80's fashion and for no apparent reason, as I was falling asleep and could barely keep my eyes open. Well Mr. Crowder, YOU make MY heart throb!

We enjoyed chicken salad and Triscuits and apple juice and a short hike in the sun. It was pretty chilly even though we were in the sun most of the time. Such a great afternoon together.

So I guess you could say that Snow Bowl, Ted, and I sort of have a history. I love living here in Flagstaff where we get to enjoy four beautiful seasons and be so close to adventures in nature. How can I ever live anywhere else? It's hard to imagine ever moving away from here.


Lindsey said...

Aaaahhhhh, I could go for a good Snow Bowl hike right now....

Random thought, Gwenna's strawberry blonde hair(looking more strawberry than blonde) makes my heart throb...though not in the same way you make Ted's heart throb...more of a "someday I want a child with that exact hair color" throb- did that make sense?

Heather said...

Oh fall! How you elude the valley of the sun. Envious of your and your spontaneous family fall adventure. Soak it up for me!

Jewel said...

Beautiful. You, your family, the scenery--all beautiful.

Bre said...

Awwww, here's the deal, you send me your cookie recipe and I will send you a new "woven hat" with a pretty flower on top because she needs one this winter and since that baby one won't fit her she is going to need a new one. Consider it good practice for me and my new hobby and a gift for an almost big sister. Email me your address so I can send it off to you soon.

Amy Sprinkle said...

We have been talking about fall and changing leave colors in kindergarten this week. It reminds me of the aspens and being able to see the leaves changing on the peaks from in town. I WISH I could take the kids there and let them see how beautiful it is. You live in an awesome place.

Heather said...

You two as a couple make MY heart throb.