For the Record

At a recent church Enrichment meeting, I went to a class on building your personal history. I do that very thoroughly on this blog. Ted and I plan to turn my blog into hardbound books for our family, one year at a time. Currently, if we did the whole blog, it would be over 150 pages so 1 year at a time seems reasonable.

I want to challenge myself now though. I was thinking today that I bet I could probably remember every teacher I had (within reason, at least 1 per year) from kindergarten on. So, let's see.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Stredane
After my first day of kindergarten, I was talking with my dad. He asked me what my teacher's name was. I couldn't really remember so I said, "Mrs. Stre-something" and he continued to call her that for the rest of the year, even though I corrected him every time, and if he remembered that I'm sure he'd still call her that.

1st Grade: Mrs. Lavis
She loved a football team whose colors were purple and something else. She loved purple and therefore, for years, I loved purple. She was a lovely woman.

2nd grade: Mrs. Furnish
She was a piece of watermelon for Halloween and our classroom was in the basement, across the hall from the only other basement class which was speech therapy. I went to speech in 2nd grade so I owned the basement.

3rd Grade: Oh dear. It will come to me but I can't recall right now. I had 2 teachers this year. The latter was Mrs. Stankowski
She was strict and didn't smile much. I wasn't a big fan. The first one had spikey hair and wore pointy shoes and she was so cool.

4th Grade: Mrs. Bloomquist
She talked like an old lady and we kind of made fun of her for it. But I will never forget the one time we certainly did not. She sat us all down on the rug and said, "Ok folks..." and proceeded to tell our class that Nick tennant, a 6th grader, had died of leukemia. I don't even know if she knew him, but she was crying and in that moment I really liked her because I saw how compassionate she was.

5th Grade: Mr. Olsen, and when he was fired, Ms. Bauman
Mr. Olsen was awesome. First male teacher I ever had. BUT the man had a temper. He was fired half way through the year. When he wasn't mad, he was the greatest. Kind of a weird situation. Then his aide took over for the rest of the year. She was short, like, really short for an adult, as I recall with my 5th grade mind. She wasn't Mr. Olsen and she had a tough run of it the remainder of that year.

6th Grade: My homeroom teacher was Mrs. Kerr.
She was also my brother's 1st grade teacher, if I remember correctly, the year before. Wonder why she changed. She wore her pants way too high!

7th Grade: How about Senora Glen?
She was the Spanish teacher and my sister Niki and I still laugh at her antics and the songs she taught her classes.

8th Grade: Mr. Perkins
He was kind of a hardnose but I really, really liked him. He was a good teacher, a history teacher, actually. When he was out for a couple weeks when he had shingles I thought it was the end of the world because our subs were teeeeeeeeeeeerrible!

Freshman year: Mrs. Mancini
She was my eccentric AA English teacher. I adored her and when she moved away at the end of the year, I cried even though I was going on to high school and wouldn't be around to visit her. She was a wonderful person and I still remember specific things I learned from her. She wore her hair in a black bun (I'm pretty sure it was colored) and usually wore black clothes. She had fair skin and floated around the classroom even though she was on the round side. She belonged in the theatre. This was a tough call. It could have also been Mr. Rodemeyer or Mrs. Rolston. So many good teachers this year and I needed it.

Sophomore year: Mr. Mergerum
AA English again. Noticing a pattern here? I don't know if it was him (it was partially him) or the occurances, socially, in his class that year that make this class most memorable. But I did aide for him my senior year because I enjoyed being in his classroom.

Junior year: Mrs. Foster
Every now and then you have a teacher that you remember for the bad rather than good. Oh this woman got under my skin! I could go on an on but I'm going to leave it at that.

Senior year: Ms. Hombach
I pick her out of a slew of great teachers my senior year only because she taught me things that I still use and love. She was my ASL (sign language) teacher and I still love sign language today, think in sign, and went on to take it in college. She was an experience to be had, that was for sure, but she taught with passion because SHE loved what she was doing.

I'm proud of me! And now I have that recorded and can reflect on these people who really influenced me, one way or another. I hope this post makes my teacher friends feel good! ... Because except for Mrs. Foster (and Mrs. Stankowski) it speaks very highly of teachers!


mary watts said...

Good old Mrs Stre-something. She was great!

Cortney said...

so fun to read about your teachers. I too LOVED Mrs. Mancini...she is the one who allowed me to love writing and not just think of it as work. Oh and Mrs. Foster, seriously did anyone like that woman!?! She was the worst and definitely got under my skin too!

I wish I would have taken sign language instead of Spanish. I sure did dislike my spanish teachers both in high school and college. If only I could do it all over again...