Camping + Other Things

Recently (meaning last weekend) we ventured out into the wild unknown in two ways by doing the same thing. We went camping with our ward (church). It was adventurous because #1) we had never been camping with Gwenna before and #2) we didn't actually know where we were going because we had never been there... so it was literally the unknown. We knew the general area, but having 2 reasons rather than 1 makes a story SO much more entertaining!

We left Friday after Ted got off work, set up our awesome new tent (which, if you recall, was christened in the comfort of our living room), and dove right into camping fun.

We did have sunlight by which to set up and that was a good thing. I'd have regretted Ted setting up the tent in the dark. ... Meaning, I didn't help. In fact, I told him I wouldn't camp at all unless we brought the air mattress. I felt like a big sissy but when our pump didn't work, we had three other people offer up theirs... and I felt a LOT better because I am WAY more pregnant than any of those other sissies.

Needless to say, there was an excess of s'mores, camp fire singing, and the like.

See below, friends from church doing campy things.

Gwenna, surprisingly, had a really awesome time AND was superiorly well behaved. She did run around like crazy, eat rocks, dirt, and sticks, and squiggle all over the place when we tried to keep her from the fire but could we expect any less? She IS a kid, after all. She had such a fun time playing flashlight tag with her friend Tawni. Ok, so they didn't actually know they were playing flashlight tag but this is how it went down: After dark Gwenna was running around screaming like a prissy girl (because she is actually quite dainty, other than the rock eating) while Tawni chased after her with a flashlight. Every time Tawni's beam of light coincided with Gwenna's person, they both squealed in delight. See? So ahead of their time.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of the event, but here are the little darlings together this past Sunday when Tawni and Tawni's parents (do adults have names?) came to our house for my mini-Thanksgiving dinner rendition.

More exhibits of camping fun: Ted restraining Gwenna from rushing the fire, followed by a family picture that doesn't stink.

Surprisingly, camping with a 13-month old baby was both fun and entertaining and not at all crappy. I thought we'd all sleep terribly (I kinda did, but really, 3rd trimester sleeping is not great no matter where you rest your noggin'), have wicked sugar highs, get nasty dirty to the point of needing to throw the kid in a creek, have diarrhea, and just be miserable. None of that happened though. It was a great time with good friends and I'd do it again without hesitation.

On an unrelated note, I'm so pregnant that I'm ready to have this baby. Well, not really, but I kind of feel that way some days. Just to get it all out in the open in a place where I can complain about whatever I want because it's my blog ... I am never comfortable. Olivia is a constant mover. My bladder is consistently under attack. There is no easy way to hold Gwenna and that's sad because it's my favorite thing to do. Still. Almost 14 months after she was born. That being said, we're all still healthy and happy and that's what actually matters. But I have, in the past couple days, begun getting anxious for Olivia to get here. At a whopping 2.5 pounds and almost 15 inches long, she's getting super close, too. Wednesday will mark 29 weeks and it's so hard to believe it's all just around the corner. It really doesn't help that we have ordered Olivia's crib, committed to bedding (it will be ordered, really), and have purchased our double stroller.

In yet other unrelated to camping news, I got my cuddle kid back. Gwenna has always been SUCH a cuddle kid and I just love that. We all love it, really, because Ted and I are big on the cuddles, too. But something happened just before she hit 1 year. She became wildly independent and wanted to do everything on her own. Well, recently, she started to cuddle with us again. She'll climb into our laps, rest her head on our shoulders, or do any other manner of cuddly things and it makes me so happy!

Maybe, just maybe, once Olivia is born I won't feel so happy about having a lap full of two babies, but then again I might. Or maybe Gwenna won't be so cuddly anymore by that time. Or maybe she'll be more cuddly. No matter. I'm enjoying this time I have with my sweetheart.

This past weekend my mom spent a day with us and Gwenna was so in love with being the center of attention with her Grandma. It did my heart well to see. She even climbed up into her lap with her softy blanket and cuddled with my mom for a while. It's been kind of hard for her to form good bonds with family that is in Phoenix because we don't see them often. This was good. Blame it on her recent cuddly revival, blame it on the fact that she's sick of me and likes other people's attention. Blame it on whatever you want. All I know is it makes me happy.


mary watts said...

Makes me happy too!

Heather said...

Any post that uses the word "diarrhea" is automatically awesome.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Hooray for camping! I also would have requested the air mattress. Sleeping on the ground would be way too uncomfortable at this point. I think Bromus and Olivia are kindred spirits with all the moving and bladder punching. Oh, the picture of camping was good too. I got to see some of our old primary kids. Holy cow they grow fast! I am glad you had such a fun time.

Jewel said...

There's something magical about seeing your mom with your child, isn't there? :)

Ted said...

since we haven't yet taken the camping gear out of the van... let's go again soon!