Because Amy Requested It


The Contours Tandem stroller by Kolcraft, in Ruby Red ...
because grey is impossible to find!

My friend, Amy, asked if I would post some of the gear we've been accumilating for Olivia and/or Gwenna because of Olivia. So I thought I'd start with this sweet ride. She arrived yesterday and took off on her maiden voyage this evening.

Yes, it's amazingly large and it's heavy. But that's not all!

Ok, jokes aside... we really like this stroller. We did a ton of research on double strollers prior to our purchase. When it comes to double strollers, it seems like most are designed for twins rather than older and younger siblings. This one really fits the bill though.

There are two interchangeable, removable seats and two infant carriers can also be placed where the seats are. Or one infant carrier, like you see below, with one big kid seat.

Also notice that the seats fully recline. Gwenna doesn't dig reclining, but that's not the point at all. If she falls asleep in her stroller someday when she hasn't slept for 24 hours (Gwenna naps in her bed, not when there are things to look at), we can recline her fully.

The sun shields (canopies) are gigantic and I really like that. This was something that I was looking for very specifically during our research because the canopy on Gwenna's travel system never shielded her the way I wanted.

I can have Olivia up right where I need her while Gwenna is doing her thing. If I wanted, I could also turn Gwenna around to be facing me as well, but that would have the same effect as putting her in a shopping cart; she'd be turned around facing the rest of the world the entire time and be very uncomfortable. (Really, I wish kids could sit facing the other direction in shopping carts. When she's big enough she's going to LOVE the ones with the cars on the front. As for now, she strains herself around to see the rest of the world. She doesn't complain about it though, just me.)

Also notice that the basket below runs the full length of the limo-length stroller. Seriously, folks, it's big. That's a lot of storage room. That's a couple bags of groceries, a diaper bag, and a blankie, easily.

See? big basket. Wow, I'm just realizing that if you think that's a full size love seat it's sitting in front of, it looks even more gigantic. That's a chair and a half, smaller than a love seat, bigger than a single size chair. Moving on!

Also, along with reclining, the feet can be raised or dropped. That's gotta be comfy. Oh to be a baby!

Probably one of my favorite parts of this stroller is that the kids can face each other, both face me, sit back to back, or both face forward. The possibilities are endless! I really do like it. And not only do I like the seating options and abilities, but the front swivel wheels are amazing. It is heavy to take in and out of the car (but, come on, it seats TWO) but it's incredibly light to push and really a breeze to walk with. Even the turning radius, for how long it is, is really tight. With larger rear wheels, bumps and curbs are nothing.

And because you deserve it if you got this far in the post, here is a fun picture of the first born.

She is SUCH a monkey. She likes to stand on the bottom drawer to reach the bar and then swing. It drives me NUTS when she does it because one of two things is going to happen. She is either going to pull the oven door open and it's going to cause some bodily harm or she is going to rip the bar right off (also causing, one way or another, some bodily harm, I'm sure)... or both and then I'll be doubly ticked. I have no idea how to make her stop. No matter how many times I tell her "No!" she does it again and again.

However, as I ponder upon it now, a good first step to getting her to stop miiight be to stop taking pictures of her in the act....

**PS, Amy, wasn't I exchanging baby gear into and pictures
for a new belly shot?


Ted said...

I love our new stroller!! thanks for doing the TONS of research and helping our family find the perfect stroller!!!

I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

thats the double stroller we've been looking at! I think you could have a job with Kolecraft because I think I may now be sold on this one. :)

amber said...

What an amazing stroller! I love all the different configurations you can do. Something to look forward to with 2 kids :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

I feel very loved. I'll be working on that belly shot this weekend. You will have something up by the end of Sunday.

kelly said...

Amy, it won't take a whole weekend, will it? I'd feel bad since my post only took about 40 minutes to put together. :) I hate that it takes me that long but I have to resize every picture I put on here, sadly. That darn good camera of mine takes stinkin' HUGE pictures! :)

Erin said...

Kelly! Thank you so much for all of your nice comments. I love hearing from you always! I feel bad that I haven't left very many for you. I still love your blog. I'm hoping that in another month or two things will slow down and I'll get my normal life back where I have more time for things that I like... like blogging and leaving comments on friends blogs! Anyway, until then just know that your kind words are always SO appreciated!!!

Amy Sprinkle said...

The reason it would have taken all weekend was because I needed to take a picture of myself. Who knew when that would happen! Fortunately it got done yesterday morning and, well, you know the results of that.

Shauni said...

I agree about the shopping cart thing! Jaren always turns around in the seat, in what looks like a horribly uncomfortable position. I can't wait until he's old enough for one of those car shopping carts!