what makes me smile today

These pictures, that's what makes me smile today.

Last night, before our friends came over, we got Gwenna into her pajamas. Well, we tried. Ted got her shirt off and her pj top on. But Gwenna had other plans for her pants.

She walked halfway across the room with her jeans around her ankles, tiny, little steps away from her dad so she could do what she wanted to do.

She wanted to take her pants off herself. She fell, of course. She then proceeded to try to take her pants off...

... at all angles, until it worked.

She had them successfully off but that wasn't enough for this little one.

She had to inspect them. Afterall, these were the pants she was wearing all day, it's not like she had a chance to check out the insides earlier.

And when she found them to be satisfactory, she tried to put them back on. Oh Gwenna. So independent, so sweet, and so hard to dress!

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Heather said...

I like to smell the insides of my pants, too. Is that weird?